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Jan 2013

In this edition ...

Most of us measure our success by what others have not done!

The road to success runs uphill, so don't expect to break any speed records.

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Editor's Desk

Turn up Triumph!

Dear reader,

Announcing our "2013 Kids' Science Challenge" for Grade 3 to 8 students. As you would have read in our 2012 Sep Back to School Edition, US students rank 17th in World Science Standards. The goal of this event is to challenge and encourage kids to learn the magic of science. If you are interested send email to for more details. Feel free to share this event with your friends network. Good luck!

Coming to this edition, another new year and another month for resolutions. Are you one among the 12% population (read our Dec 2010 edition) who successfully accomplished all your resolutions from last year? If not, don't worry you belong to the majority who could not follow through their resolutions.

Irrespective of the year, the top 10 resolution pretty much looks the same. However, due to challenging economy, in 2013, we have "Money Management" as one of the top-3 goals in addition to "Weight Management" and "Health Management".

Various pundits have been providing variety of tips in various media to help you follow your resolutions. In this issue we have provided our own tips which you can follow to improve the probability of accomplishing your resolutions.

First and foremost, determine and define what "Success" means to you. For some it could be growing in a career, for others it could be developing their own business, or for some it could be spending time with the family. Whatever it may be, define it and along with the definition be ready to embrace the short-fall you may experience due to the definition. For example, growing a career means long working hours which means less family hours. Be ready to accept it. On the other hand, more family time means less revenue and less career growth. Be ready to embrace the outcomes of your decision. This will ensure that you define your success in a right way.

Secondly, When you are defining your success goal keep it SMART (Simple-Measurable-Actionable-Reasonable-Time bound). For example, if you can do exercise only for 2 days in a week then a goal to reduce 15lbs in 6 months is not a SMART goal (not Actionable and un-Reasonable). Probably revising it to 3lbs or 6 lbs may be a SMART move.

Finally, publish your goals to your friends and families. The more you publish the more you will be pressured to complete. The probability of you accomplishing such a goal is higher than the goals which are not published.

Now that you are armed with more tips, go and turn up triumph!

In this edition, we have covered resolution and success as our themes. In the health section we have covered information on Folic acid and a novel way of losing weight by standing! In the brain-tickler section we have covered the latest consumer electronic gadgets which are ready to be released into the market. Read, enjoy and share the magazine with your network!

  • In the Brain-tickler category:
    • What is buzzing in Consumer Electronics? Get ready for the new gadgets!
  • In the Health Topic section:
    • Learn about a B vitamin that impacts DNA. Learn about Folic acid.
    • Learn about how to lose weight by standing in the section - "Time to stand up: Yes, to lose your weight!"
  • In the English Song category:
    • Listen to our English song Picks - 2013 Grammy Nominees!
    • Listen to the picked songs continuously with our Jukebox!
  • In the Seriously Funny section:
    • Watch the clip - "Funny Moments ..."
    • Read the humor, "Secrets of success!"
    • Read the humor, "Key to success!"
  • In the Surfboard section:
    • Read the story "Is life is like (US) cafeteria!"
  • In the Tamil Picks section:
    • Enjoy the 10 Tamil songs picked out of 15+ songs we reviewed for Success (Vetri) theme!
    • Enjoy the video picks continuously, on-demand in our new video channel.
    • Listen to the song picks continuously in Jukebox.
    • Read the tamil poem picks "Puthandu Kanavu"
  • In the Recipe Spot section:
    • Learn how to make "Orange Cake" at home.
  • Nuggets:
    • Don't miss to reflect on the thoughts on new year resolution and other informative nuggets.
      - "I know, I'm lazy. But, I made myself a New Year's resolution ..."- in Editor's desk section
      - "Folic acid intake study !" and "I hated every minute of my training ..." - in Health section
      - "My new year resolution is ..." - in Surfboard section
      - "I probably shouldn't be making any new resolutions this year, because ..."- in Reader's footprint section
      - "My excuses for already failing my new year resolution is ..." - in Your feedback section
  • Get Inspired by watching the video "Daily routines for creating the life of your dreams by Jack Canfield !"

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks. Write your feedback about this issue by clicking on the email icon. We value your opinion, thoughts and time.

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I know, I'm lazy. But, I made myself a New Year's resolution ...


I know, I'm lazy. But I made myself a New Years resolution that I would write myself something really special. Which means I have 'til December, right?

- Catherine O'Hara

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