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Oct 2012

US Presidential Election Special

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Vibrant Navratri, Dussehra and Kolu/Golu pictures:

The above picture captures the majestic look of the decorated Mysore Palace in Karnataka, Southern India.

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Editor's Desk

If I am elected ...

"Daddy," a little girl asked her father, "Do all fairy tales begin with 'Once upon a time'? "
"No, sweetheart," he answered. "Some begin with 'If I am elected.'"

Modern politics is all about making plausible promises. Promises and large promises are the mantras of elections. After all who can predict the future? So, if you cannot keep up the promise, blame it on something!

You would have probably heard about the legendary "Three Envelope" story. In this apocryphal story, when a new CEO walks into his new job, the outgoing CEO hands him 3 numbered envelopes and says, "Whenever you encounter a problem which you cannot solve, open the envelope in the numbered order."

Things went along pretty smoothly for the first six month, but then things took a downturn. Unable to solve the problem by himself, he went to his drawer and took out the first envelope. The message read, "Blame your predecessor." The new CEO called a press conference and tactfully laid the blame at the feet of the previous CEO. The stakeholders perspective changed and soon he was back in control.

About a year later, the company was again experiencing a new problem. Having learned from his previous experience, the CEO opened the second envelope. The message read, "Reorganize." This time he blamed it on the current leaders and current organization set up. He brought on new leaders and restructured the existing organization make-up. After reorganization, the spot light moved away from him and he got the comfort to continue in the job.

After several consecutive profitable quarters, the company once again fell on hard times. The CEO went to his office, closed the door and opened the third envelope.

The message said, "Prepare three envelopes."

Today's politics pretty much work the same way as the above story. Promise - Win the election - Blame it on the predecessor - Reorganize the cabinet - Prepare for the term to end or Brainstorm more promises for a re-election. Gone are the days when politics were based on principles and politicians were the venerable ones in the society. Today politics is a sales process and politicians are sales men. Country's highest honor has become another job!

Opinions aside, US Presidential election process is on a full swing. The election is due in a week. President Barack Obama is running on a "Forward" theme and has 20 page plan for the future while Governor Romney is running on a 5-point plan and has a 8 page brochure to explain his plan. You would have heard the detail explanation of their plan in the various debates. If you would still like to know more, this site can help you understand who may be a right candidate for you based on the issues you care about. Whoever you chose, please vote. Your vote is important.

In this edition, we have aligned the magazine's theme with the upcoming US Presidential election. Election is the season when our Late Night comedians have a field day. You can read and laugh at their outrageous comments across the edition. In the health section we have covered information on Infancy risks and Meningitis. In the Surfboard we have some interesting thought about workplace politics. For color, we have picked few vibrant pictures of Navratri, Dussehra and Golu/Kolu. Read, enjoy and share the magazine with your network!

  • In the Brain-tickler category:
    • US Presidential Elections! Few fun facts ...
  • In the Health Topic section:
    • Learn about various risks to infants in the article "Intriguing Infancy"
    • Learn about the killer diesease when every minute counts - "Meningitis - the killer disease"
  • In the English Song category:
    • Listen to our English song Picks - Hello and Good bye theme!
    • Listen to the picked songs continuously with our Jukebox!
  • In the Seriously Funny section:
    • Watch the clip - "Parody of the second Presidential debate!"
    • Read the humor, "Yesterday was a campaigning day !"
    • Read the humor, "Can we pass this policy, please?"
  • In the Surfboard section:
    • Read the thought "Help your friend but beware of your boss!"
  • In the Tamil Picks section:
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  • Nuggets:
    • Don't miss to reflect on the election humor nuggets.
      - "Opponents are shooting themselves on the foot ..."- in Editor's desk section
      - "Beating the odds in an election" and "Inherited economy ...." - in Health section
      - "Look who is doing worse ..." - in Surfboard section
      - "I do reach out to poor people"- in Reader's footprint section
      - "Let the followers be fake ..." - in Your feedback section
  • Get Inspired by watching the video "President Bill Clinton playing Saxophone at the Arsenio Hall Show - NBC 1992"

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks. Write your feedback about this issue by clicking on the email icon. We value your opinion, thoughts and time.

Opponents are shooting themselves in the foot ...


"One by one the Republican candidate potentials have been shooting themselves in the foot making huge, horrible gaffes and they just look silly. It's gotten so bad that President Obama is now worried he may actually be re-elected."

–David Letterman

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