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2010 Sep "Positive Thinking" Edition

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"Positive Thinking" Special

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Positive thinking is a choice ... What is your choice?

Last week, when the Plan B rescue shaft reached the 33 trapped miners, it was a moment of great happiness for their relatives at Camp Hope, Chile. These 33 miners got trapped under the mine on August 5th and few days later they were feared to be not alive. However, 17 days later when their rescue drill's probe broke through the miners shelter area, they found all 33 of them alive. It was a great news, but, it is going to take months before the miners can be rescued from the depth of 630m (2,060 ft). The Chilean mines are known for their better safety and their government is doing all it can to rescue them safely. The rescue team is working with 3 plans (A, B and C representing 3 different drills performed simultaneously) to reach the miners as quickly as possible. The Plan B drill with pilot opening (30cm) has reached them now. But, the pilot hole has to be re-drilled to create an opening of 70cm. It is a huge challenge for both - the relatives and miners - to stay positive, as it will take till Christmas to rescue them from the mine. With complete darkness and oven-hot temperature do they have a choice to stay other than positive?

Positive thinking is a choice. It determines how you are perceiving and managing your life events and your life journey. It is an attitude which you can learn. Studies have shown that people with a positive attitude make (20%) better decisions when compared with people with negative attitude. This is because, negative thoughts create anxiety which reduces the number of solutions a brain can identify to solve a given problem. There is a lot of literature on the positive topic, but any positive thought not followed by positive action is just a wishful thinking. So, beware of this fine line while reading the enormous literature. What is your attitude choice?

On the news front, United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization has reported that the world hunger has dropped below 1 billion mark for the first time in 15 years. There are still 98 million people who are getting less than 1800 calories per day. On the contrary, the latest US census revealed that the poverty rate in US has jumped to 14.3%. This means that 1 in 7 people in America and a total of 43.6 million are officially living in poverty - highest since 1959. Poverty is defined as a family of 4 with less than $21,756. With a sluggish economic growth the outlook for next few years does not look positive. But, still, let us be "Positve".

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In this September (2010) edition, we have hand picked the contents around the "Positive thinking" theme and are hopeful to emphasize the need for positiveness in one's life.

  • In the Brain-tickler category:
    • Is Failure a recipe for success? Do you know these personalities failed before becoming successful? Test your biography knowledge by taking the quiz 'Failures: A recipe for success'.
  • In the Health Topic section:
    • As Mahatma Gandhi said, "You are a product of your thoughts." Read how your "Mind rules the body" and learn how to train your mind to think positive!
    • Some culture cultivates a humble behaviour instead of an ostentatious display. However, modern industrial world is influenced more by "body language" than "unassuming" behaviour. How is your body language? "Do you look positive?" Learn the body language and postures that make you look positive.
  • In the Bonus category:
    • We have a special collection of english songs with positive theme for you to enjoy at "*Bonus* English Song Picks". We have provided the lyrics to sing along wherever available.
  • In the Short Story:
    • Read what kind of positive things happened during a day in John's life in the story "A day of positives ..."
  • In the Seriously Funny section:
    • Learn what a baby mosquito felt after his first day flight in "A great example for positive thinking ..."
    • "Where is God", read the fun with two brothers in this short story!
  • In the Surfboard section:
    • Everyone is born with strength and weaknesses. How do we handle our weaknesses determine one's success. Don't fail to read the motivating story in "Your biggest weakness ..."
  • In the Tamil Picks section:
    • Enjoy the collection of new and old songs on Positive theme for you. You will love our picks!
    • Read our Tamil poem picks "Nambikkai Vendum", "Experienced man" and "Paramapatha Vilaiyattu".
  • Nuggets:
    • Enjoy our thought nuggets across the edition under the "Positive Thinking" category!
  • Additional Bonus Videos:
    • Enjoy our additional bonus video picks on "Positive" theme, exclusive for this issue, provided in various sections.
      • Main page - Be positive always!
      • Seriously Funny - Tough day? Be happy!
      • Surfboard - Jack the positive donkey ...
      • Reader's Feedback - Positive thinking!
      • Your Feedback - How to be positive?

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Be Positive Always !

"Instead of thinking about what you are missing,
try thinking about what you have
that everyone else is missing
-- Unknown