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2010 April Showers Edition

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April Showers Special


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April Storm?

April is known for its showers not storms. Readers who are living in North East (US) experienced the once in 100 year storm which crested most of the rivers and flooded properties. First time businesses were closed in some part of the North East for rains instead of snow. Great kudos to the emergency team who ensured that no lives were lost during this nature's fury.

Around the world, rain brought in massive landslides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and killed at least 229 and left thousand homeless. Many of the deaths occurred in the slums built on the sides of hills overlooking the metro. An example of what happens when a city is not planned for all classes of societies. Another flood related incident occurred in China where 261 miners got trapped in a mine flood. 108 were rescued.

On India front, due to rising sea levels a tiny rock island in the Bay of Bengal (New Moore Island) which was a place of contention with Bangladesh for 30 years has disappeared. Interesting to realize how nature can resolve some of the human conflicts :-). I am sure this would remind you of the loss of Dhanuskodi island (near Rameshwaram, Ramanathapuram district, Tamilnadu) on Dec 22, 1964 due to heavy rains and tidal waves. If you are interested you can still visit the remaining part of the island even today.

Coming to this issue:

We would like to thank you again for your great support for the Spring edition. Read the feedback we got from you in the Reader's feedback section. We have provided a link for the Valentine edition and Spring edition at the bottom of this page to support any new readers visiting us.

In this Shower edition, we have hand picked the contents for you around three topics:

  • Rain, Shower:
    • "Cherrapunjee: the rain capital of the world" - provides some interesting insights into this place in a quiz form
    • We have some excellent "(tamil) song picks" with the theme as rain or shower. You will love it!
    • Few poem picks - The rain's lullaby (english), kudaikkul mazhai (tamil) and Valluvarin vaimozhiyil mazhai (tamil) in Tamil picks section
  • Stress Awareness month:
    • April is a stress awareness month and we wanted all our readers to be aware of the stress and its effect on one's busy life.
      • Read "Demands of the modern world" in our Surfboard section
      • "It is the new busy ... stress" : an article highlighting the new busy life. Don't miss to watch "Life is like a cup of coffee"
      • "Twenty-20: Are we talking IPL Twenty/20 Cricket?" : It is the IPL season however this article is not about Cricket. It is about few techniques you can follow to prevent stress.
  • April Fool: April is a month to play your pranks. We have some funny little quiz for you under "We are not April fooling you..." category. Test yourself out.

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks. Write to us after you read. Over to you ...

We are not April fooling you ...

Q: What did the ocean say to the sea?
A: Nothing, it just waved :-)