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2010 July Anti-boredom Edition

In this edition ...

July Anti-boredom Special

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Why do humans dread boredom ...

Zoologist who observed gorillas found that they spend hours and hours doing nothing. What they dread is a change to that monotony. On the contrary, humans who are the descendents of Gorillas are fearful of the monotony. Monotony makes them disinterested, disengaged and sometimes depressed. Humans wanted something or anything to happen at all costs. Why do humans dread boredom? Is inaction is not divine? Is it not the recommended path to attain Nirvana?

In modern world humans need hundreds of television channels, hundreds of AM, FM, Satellite radio stations, numerous sports competitions, mesmerizing movies and thousand others. But still all these variations do not satisfy the craving humans. The TV channels get flipped for every 2 minutes, the radio's scan picks up a new station for every 3 minutes. In some way it adds fuel to the world economy as humans spend to relieve themselves from monotony at all costs. Is it good? What are your thoughts? What is your way of relieving from boredom? How much do you spend for anti-boredom activities?

At the end of the day CURIOSITY is the medicine for BOREDOM. The techniques you adopt to fulfill your curiosity determine the cost of managing your boredom. So watch your techniques there may be an oppotunity to save some dollars (or rupees)!

Coming to this issue:

In this July Anti-boredom edition, we have hand picked the contents for you around the following themes.

  • Anti-boredom:
    • "Boredom and Anti-boredom" - an unscrambling puzzle to relieve you from boredom. Test your unscrambling skills!
    • Read the short story "A prosperous kingdom" to understand the problems for a good king.
    • Don't miss our Anti-boredom Tamil poem picks "Sorvai Tholaippom" and "Maname Sorvu Kollathe" in Tamil section.
  • Relationship Rules:
    • Enjoy the "The golden rules for Life" carved among the various pages. It will make you think!
    • Read "Listen to the whisper .. or wait for the brick" in our Surfboard section.
  • Skin Safety and Skin Awareness Month:
    • Part 2 of the Skin Safety covering information about Skin cancer is provided in this issue. Don't miss the awareness video!
  • To relieve your boredom check our 2010 half yearly review & recommendations of Tamil Songs and Movies:
    • Our Tamil Song recommendations from the music albums released between 2010 Jan and 2010 June.
    • Our Tamil Movie recommendations from the movies released between 2010 Jan and 2010 June.

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks. Read, enjoy, share and write to us after you read. Also subscribe to the eMagazine (link provided below) by providing your email id to get notified of the new issue. Over to you ...

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The Golden Rules for Life

"Never explain yourself to anyone.
Because the person who likes you doesn't need it,
and the person who dislikes you won't believe it."
-- Unknown