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2010 June Outdoors Edition

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June Outdoors/Travel Special

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"I love you, Dad", 100 years and still strong ...

When someone asked the definition of a Father's day to an innocent kid, he said, "It is just like a mother's day except that you don't spend so much". Wise little kid :-) This year $9.8 billion was spent to say "I love you, Dad" while $14.5 billion was spent to say "I love you, Mom". The average spending per dad this year is $94 when compared with the average spending per Mom which was $155.

The important fact which did not catch media's attention is, the father's day is exactly 100 years old this year. The first Father's day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, at Spokane, Washington due to the efforts of Sonora Smart Dodd. After listening about the newly recognized Mother's day (1909) at a church sermon Mrs. Dodd questioned "Why not, Dad?". She wanted to honor her dad, William Smart, who was a widowed civil war veteran and raised 6 childern in their farm. It took 62 years to sign this into a law. The month of June was chosen as it was Mr.Smart's birthday month. Today, Father's day is another important day in the world's economic calendar and it helps to boost the sales at sports, tools and clothing retail stores.

June also marks the beginning of outdoor activities in most of the hemisphere. There is a slew of championship games slated in this month such as NBA finals at US, FIFA world cup soccer at South Aftrica, Asia cup Cricket at Srilanka, US Open Golf Championship at California, Wimbledon Tennis Championship at UK. So What is your outdoor plan? Are you planning to go for one of the above games? Are you heading out to a different town?

Coming to this issue:

In this June Outdoors edition, we have hand picked the contents for you around the following three topics. In addition find out what happened to Rene's family in part 4 of the story "It slowly sprung to prominence ...",

  • Outdoors/Travel:
    • "Around the world in (??) many days? How many days does it take?" Have you ever wondered how many days it would take to go around the world by walk, bike, car, passenger ship, balloon or aircraft? Test your guesses!
    • We have some excellent "(tamil) song picks" with outdoor/travel as the theme. You will love it!
  • Father's Day:
    • This issue has lot of content - poem, quotes, thoughts - to highlight and appreciate the role of dad in one's life. Check it out!
      • How many times we miss good things because they are not packaged as we expected? Read "Dad's Gift" in the Surfboard section.
      • How much a dad's annual salary stack against a mom? Find in the "Value of Dad .. in comparison to Mom" article.
      • Read "How a son thinks about his father at different ages?"
      • Read thoughtful "Father's day" quotes spread through out the issue.
      • Our Father's day tamil poem picks - Ammavum.. Appavum, Appa, Thanthaikku oru mahalin kavithai, magilchi, thanthai - are available in Tamil picks section.
  • Skin Safety and Skin Awareness Month:
    • With the outdoor season beginning this month, we have provided information about the skin care in the article "Beauty is skin deep". There is also a section to cover the alternative medicine literature on skin care under the title "What does Alternative medicine say about Skin care?"In our next issue we will cover information about protecting your skin when you are outdoors and about skin cancer. Check it out!

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks. Read, enjoy, share and write to us after you read. Also subscribe to the eMagazine (link provided below) by providing your email id to get notified of the new issue. Over to you ...

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Father and Son - Right and Wrong

"By the time a man realizes
that maybe his father was right,
he usually has a son
who thinks he is wrong."
-- Charles Wadsworth