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In this Valentine edition ...

Happy Valentine's Month!

Editor's Desk

It is a time in the year for cherishing relationships!
It is hard to believe that 2010 February is almost ending here. It looked like the new year celebration was happening just a few days back! Days run faster when you are looking forward than when you are looking backwards :-)

Now, it is February and celebrations for Valentine's day is in full swing! Many do not realize that February is also recognized and celebrated as the "International friendship month". Such is the popularity of Valentine's day that the "Friendship month" now lives in Valentine day's shadows.

The popularity of Valentine's day also mean that it is one of the significant economic events in the world's calendar. Based on reliable sources, in US alone, this event generates $16 billion revenue annually. 2.6 billion of this revenue comes from Jewellery sales (includes diamonds). On an average 180 million of red roses, 36 million heart shaped boxes, 180 million greeting cards are sold for this event. Do not forget to add the valentine special restaurant dinners, chocolates, cruises and vacation packages. Imagine the transaction flow with all the countries combined. It is a healthy and a required event for this recession-hit global economy.

Irrespective of how February is celebrated for, I believe, it is a time allocated in a year for all, not just singles, to appreciate personal, professional and social relationships. With our busy schedules and commitments we fail to recognize how much each of our loved ones and friends make a difference in our every day life. Most of the time we take these relationships for granted. We forget to take a step back and see how life would be without the people who we like and love. February is a time to appreciate those cherished relationships. It can be a simple hug or a long hug to break the Guiness record ( which is currently 24 hour and 1 minute) or a greeting card or an email ! Don't miss it!