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Failures: A recipe for success?

Do you know they failed?

One of the most dreaded words in the dictionary is "Failure". The word "failure" carries a negative perception and is understood as lacking ability to achieve success. Is that true?

If Edison had stopped his experiment after his first failure he would not have invented the carbon filament. Failure is an indication that you are pushing your envelope beyond your comfort zone. As Sochiro Honda said,"Success is 99% Failure". A success you would like to celebrate will be preceded by many (99) failures. Your ability to sustain a failure determines your expected success.

Also, developing a positive attitude to learn from failures will set you on a new path and a new journey towards your goal. If not, failure will not be a stepping stone towards your success.

Now, take the quiz to identify the celebrities who used failures as a recipe for their success.

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One of his music teachers said, "As a composer, he is hopeless". Many of his other music teachers also gave up on him. Many of his critics called his symphonies as "harsh and bizzarre". 1

a. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
b . Ludwig Von Beethoven
c . Johann Sebastian Bach
d . Joseph Haydn


His classmates voted him the "least likely to succeed". When he decided to take acting as his career, at Hollywood he could find more success finding carpentary work than acting work. 1

a. Tom Hanks
b. Arnold Schwarzenegger
c. Harrison Ford
d. Jackie Chan

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His poor performance at elementary school made everyone to suspect that he was mentally retarded. Later, his scientific theories were critiqued to be "worthless and misleading". 1

a. Thomas Alva Edison
b. Isaac Newton
c. Albert Einstein
d. Charles Darwin

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He was devastated when he was not selected for his Varsity team in his sophomore year. He was deemed too short to play varsity basketball team during his sophomore year. He trained hard and grew four inches by next summer to earn a spot on the varsity roster.

a. Larry Bird
b. Michael Jordan
c. Kobe Bryant
d. Shaquille O'Neal


On hearing his first album the auditon evaluator said,"You are never going to make it as a singer, my son". He was an introvert student and many of his high school classmates did not even know he can sing. 1

a. Michael Jackson
b. Steven Tyler
c. Frank Sinatra
d. Elvis Presley

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These college drop outs were advised to "finish their college before selling anything" by a big corporation.1

a. Steve Jobs & Steve Woznaik
b. Bill Gates & Paul Allen
c. William Hewlett & David Packard
d. Robert Johnson & James Johnson

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He was rejected by the film school (University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television) three separate times. He later became a director without a degree and received a honorary degree from USC 27 years later.

a. Steven Spielberg
b. George Lucas
c. Alfred Hitchcock
d. Francis Ford Coppola



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1 Darci Andries, the author of "The secret of success is not a secret"