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2010 Aug Smile Edition

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August *Smile* Special

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Smile, Smile on my friends ... it is a happy place!

As someone said, there are two things that every one should face sooner or later - a camera and reality; A smile will help in both the cases. Smile is an universal language but it has various interpretation in various cultures. Psychologist classify smiles into many types such as, Heartful 'I really like it' smile, Tight-lipped 'I am trying to be nice while you are annoying me' smile, Dealers 'I wan't to win you at all cost' smile, Losers 'I don't care' smile, 'I don't understand you' smile, 'Nothing I can do' smile, 'I want to stay out of trouble, so leave me alone'' smile and others. But fundamentally there are only two types of smile in this world- a REAL smile, where your face glows because your heart is happy, and a FAKE smile, where your face muscles work to please someone. Which one do you use the most?

In this stressful modern world it is not very easy to smile at everything one encounters. A person who smiles at every obstacle in life is either too brave or well covered by an insurance :-) While there are some news to cheer about like the recent closing of the leaking oil well by BP there are quite a few news that are gloomy. For instance, Indus river's worst flood has impacted millions of people and is still evolving to be a another worst human tragedy. In China, due to heavy rains and land slides they are experiencing huge casualities. In US, the number of people who have filed for unemployment has raised and Pundits have started predicting doom and gloom. Despite all the gloomy news there is always one thing which can help us to smile - Hope. So, Smile, Smile on my friends, it is a happy place. The world looks brighter from behind a smile :-)

As always we are very thankful for your loyal support for this magazine and for forwarding more and more to your friends. Our readers' footprint is spreading with every issue and we are pleased with its growth. Read the readers' feedback about the July Anitboredom issue in the Readers feedback section. In this August edition, we have hand picked the contents around the 'Smile' theme and are hopeful to make you smile.

  • In the Brain-tickler category:
    • Test your Smile IQ by taking the quiz 'How many times you smile in a year?'
    • With a global economy it is important to learn to spot a fake smile from a real smile. Learn how to spot a fake smile and practice your knowledge in the smile lab.
  • In the Bonus category:
    • We have a special collection of world language songs for you to enjoy at "*Bonus* World Language Song Picks". We have provided the lyrics to sing along where available.
  • In the Short Story:
    • Learn under what conditions Joe had to smile in front of a camera in the story titled "Smile, Camera is on ..."
  • In the Seriously Funny section:
    • See "What our boss wants from us?"
    • Read what happened to the fate of a "Blind Follower"!
  • In the Surfboard section:
    • Read "What happened to Love?"
  • In the Tamil Picks section:
    • Enjoy the collection of songs on Smile/Laugh theme for you.
    • Read our Tamil poem picks "Punnagai" and "Bhoomiyin Punnagai". You will like this!
    • Read the Tamil surfboard picks "Pokkai Vai'. Very thoughtful!
  • Just for your Smile:
    • Enjoy our smile ticklers across the issue under the "Just for your Smile" Category!
  • In the Health Topic section:
    • Read our coverage on the recent news relating fructose to cancer in the article "Frightening Fructose" !

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks and will smile too. Read, enjoy, share and write to us, as how many times you smiled after you read. Also subscribe to the eMagazine (link provided below) by providing your email id to get notified of a new issue. Just to declare our privacy policy: Your email id will not be shared or sold to any one and will be solely owned by "theIndUS Network" only. Over to you ...

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Just for your smile!

"Last night I was looking at the stars and
I wondered…
What happened to my ceiling?!!"
-- Unknown