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How many times you smile in a year?

Smile on, the quiz is not hard !

When you think about smile, you think of Mona Lisa. When you are happy in your heart, your face shows up with a smile. Among the animals, a smile could mean a threat. When a chimpanzee smiles, it is a sign of fear. Newborn babies have preference to be with smiling people when compared with serious looking people. Do you know that women smile more than men? So how much do you really know about smiles? Are you a 'gelotologist' (scientists who study laughter) ?

Take the following quiz to learn more about Smiles - the mile long word in English - sMILEs?

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As stated in the introduction, the word smile always reminds any one about Monalisa. Which Europeon scientists are claiming that Monalisa's smile is due to high cholestrol?

a. Italian Scientists
b . Spain Scientists
c . Poland Scientists
d . French Scientists

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Do you know how many times does an average person smile in a year? [exclude laughs]

a. 19,635
b. 20,036
c. 43,985
d. 18,250

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Smile is universal but not its interpretation. Which country is believed to be low on a Smile-o-meter?

a. UK
b. Japan
c. India
d. Mozambic

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Which country is known as the "Land of Smile" ?

a. India
b. Japan
c. Thailand
d. Australia


It is a much touted fact that smile uses less muscle than frown. Do you know how many muscles does it take to smile? Clue: Frown takes 43 muscles.

a. 25
b. 19
c. 17
d. 12

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With the advent of internet a new communication language through emoticons has become popular. Today it has become part of professional communication in english. See whether you can identify the emoticons which represent smile.

a. :-)
b. ^-^
c. :-(
d. ;-;

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According to French physician, Guillaume Duchenne, how can you differentiate a REAL SMILE from a FAKE smile?

a. Eye muscles crease up and Eye brows bend
b. Cheek muscles contract
c. Mouth muscles move
d. All of the above

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