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How many times you smile in a year?

Smile on, the quiz is not hard !

When you think about smile, you think of Mona Lisa. When you are happy in your heart, your face shows up with a smile. Among the animals, a smile could mean a threat. When a chimpanzee smiles, it is a sign of fear. Newborn babies have preference to be with smiling people when compared with serious looking people. Do you know that women smile more than men? So how much do you really know about smiles? Are you a 'gelotologist' (scientists who study laughter) ?

Take the following quiz to learn more about Smiles - the mile long word in English - sMILEs?

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As stated in the introduction, the word smile always reminds any one about Monalisa. Which Europeon scientists are claiming that Monalisa's smile is due to high cholestrol?

a. Italian Scientists
b. Spain Scientists
c. Poland Scientists
d. French Scientists

Answer: [a]
In January 2010, an analysis from Dr. Vito Franco of Palermo University uncovered that Mona Lisa suffered likely from high cholesterol due to the apparent presence of fatty acids located under her skin. Franco also told reporters that he believed that she had a lipoma, or benign fatty-tissue tumor, in her right eye. Those findings were reported during a medical conference in Florence.

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Do you know how many times does an average person smile in a year? [exclude laughs]

a. 19,635
b. 20,036
c. 43,985
d. 18,250

Answer: [d]
If you have chosen [c] you must be a very happy person. On an average a person smiles 50 times per day which is 1500-1550 per month or 18250 per year. So, how many times you smile in a day?

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Smile is universal but not its interpretation. Which country is believed to be low on a Smile-o-meter?

a. UK
b. Japan
c. India
d. Mozambic

Answer: [b]
Studies conclude that Japanese relate smile to frivolous behavior. They consider any professional work to be very important and hence expect a person to be serious without a smile. Send your thoughts if you live in Japan!

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Which country is known as the "Land of Smile" ?

a. India
b. Japan
c. Thailand
d. Australia

Answer: [c]
In Thailand you can smile at any Thai person and you are mostly guaranteed to get a smile back - even in Bangkok. This is attributed to a broader use of smile for various occasions such as to get out of an embarassing situation. So learn the 'smile' varieties before visiting there.


It is a much touted fact that smile uses less muscle than frown. Do you know how many muscles does it take to smile? Clue: Frown takes 43 muscles.

a. 25
b. 19
c. 17
d. 12

Answer: [c]
As a quote goes "It takes forty three muscles to frown but just 17 muscles to smile, so smile on".

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With the advent of internet a new communication language through emoticons has become popular. Today it has become part of professional communication in english. See whether you can identify the emoticons which represent smile.

a. :-)
b. ^-^
c. :-(
d. ;-;

Answer: [a and b]
Universally :-) is considered to represent smile and a happy face. However, in Japan, ^-^ is considered to represent a smile and happy face.

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According to French physician, Guillaume Duchenne, how can you differentiate a REAL SMILE from a FAKE smile?

a. Eye muscles crease up and Eye brows bend
b. Cheek muscles contract
c. Mouth muscles move
d. All of the above

Answer: [d]
According to Guillaume Duchenne a REAL SMILE involves eyes muscle creasing up, eye brows bending down, contraction of Cheek muscles and movement of Mouth muscles. Next time when some one is faking a smile notice it!

Now you are ready to spot a FAKE smile from a real smile. Test your knowledge in BBC Science Lab link here.

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Hope you had fun playing!