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2010 May Flowers Edition

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May Flowers Special


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May Flowers

May is known for its blooming flowers due to April showers. In ancient days the month of May coincided with the festival of Flora, the Roman Goddess of flowers. In modern days May is more known for the International Workers day (also known as Labour day), Mother's day, Teacher's appreciation week and Stroke Awareness month. From an economic perspective, Mother's day is a significant economic event with a projection of 14.5 billion for 2010. The average spending per mom for this year is projected at $155 and most of these money have been spent at floral outlets, jewelery stores, restaurants and spas. One interesting fact about the floral sales is - Mother's day always beats Valentine's day in floral sales 'transaction' even though both match equally in dollars! This means more moms are getting flowers than valentines! What do you think? Is that good? Is that what you expected? On the contrary, the economics behind Teacher's appreciation week is very insignificant which highlights the importance teachers receive in one's life.

Coming to this issue:

We would like to thank you for your continued support for the eMagazine. Read your feedback about the April edition in the Reader's feedback section. Based on your feedback we have introduced a new section in this issue titled "Seriously Funny" to provide more humor to you. Read the "Top 10 Oxymorons" to understand the title for this section.

In this May Flowers edition, we have hand picked the contents for you around four topics:

  • Flowers:
    • "Language of Roses: How well you can you speak?" - Do you know which color rose to send on which occassion? Test your knowledge!
    • We have some excellent new and old "(tamil) song picks" with the theme as flower. You will love it!
    • Our flower poem picks - vanna vanna pookal (tamil) will make your heart heavy! Read it in Tamil picks section.
  • Mothers Day:
    • This issue has lot of content - short story, poem, quotes, thoughts - to highlight and appreciate the role of mom in one's life. Check it out!
      • Relationship stays strong if one understand the imperfect nature of it. Read the thought for this month titled "Burnt Toast ..." which underlines the imperfect nature of relationship with a dad and mom in our Surfboard section. Don't miss to note the quote on "Birthday"!
      • In our Mothers special coverage
        • How much a mom's annual salary should be. Find out in the "Value of Mom" article.
        • How would you describe a mother's love? Read the poem titled "Mother's Love"
        • As noted in this section the average dollar spent on each mom is around $155. But what does a mom really wants? Read the short story "Mother's Day Gift: What a mom really wants?"
      • Read "Funny Mother's day quotes and thoughts" in our Seriously Funny section
      • Our Mothers day tamil poem picks - Annai, Koil, vairamuthuvin kavithai thogupulirundu - are available in Tamil picks section.
  • Teacher's Appreciation Week:
    • First week of May is recognized as the Teacher's appreciation week in US. We have some funny humors spread through out the issue under "Teacher's Appreciation Week" category. Enjoy the laugh.
    • Don't miss the humor "Read behind the lines when a teacher speaks" in our Seriously Funny section.
  • Stroke Awareness Month:
    • In the last issue we covered the impact of stress in our life which is one of the leading cause of Stroke. In this issue we cover the information about Stroke in the article "Strike the stroke before the stroke strikes you". There is also a section to cover the alternative medicine literature on stroke under the title "What does Alternative medicine say about Stroke?" Check it out!

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks. Read, enjoy, share and write to us after you read. Also subscribe to the eMagazine (link provided below) by providing your email id to get notified of the new issue. Over to you ...

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Best homework excuse ... Huh?

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