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Mother's Day Gift: What a mom really wants?
Short story

Rima was looking delightfully at the blooming flowers at her garden. The April showers have resulted in these beautiful blooming flowers. What a natural cycle! Tomorrow is the mother’s day and Rima could not wait to see what her daughter’s gift is going to be!

Rima was also planning to send a gift to her mom in a few hours. Rima’s love for her mother increased ever since she became a mother herself. Did my mom cuddled and cradled me like how I do to my daughter? Did she take great efforts to see me always happy? Oh! How much I hated her when she said “no” to something I wanted? Her mind was filling with old thoughts! “Ding, Ding”, the sound of the calling bell broke her thoughts.

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What a surprise, it is the courier. The mother’s day gift has come a day earlier. Her daughter from Delhi has sent a beautiful purse with a “Love you Mom” card. Even though the gift was beautiful and looked expensive, somehow Rima did not feel excited on seeing the gift this time. She was wondering whether anything else could have pleased her. She started thinking about her own aged mother and was debating in her mind as what gift she should buy her. Suddenly a thought struck her mind.

She hurriedly made arrangements to dash to her mother’s place. In that hurry she did not find time to buy a gift for her. Within few hours she was at her mom’s place and was ringing the door bell. When her mom opened the door she excitedly hugged her mom and said “Happy mother’s day, Mom”. Her mom was truly delighted and her face was beaming and brimming with happiness. Her mom never expected to see Rima at her house. Rima has never seen her mom so happy and she could not control her tears of joy on seeing her delighted mom.

Rima told her mom that she wanted to personally meet her to wish the mother’s day and in that process she could not find time to buy a gift.

Her mother stroked her hair and said,” Rima, my child, this is the most wonderful gift you have given me so far! What is so precious than your thoughts and your efforts to wish me in person?”

Rima said,”Yes mom, now I fully realize what a mom craves for? It is her child’s quality time with her, their compassionate and soothing words and something that makes her feel wanted.”

She wished and hoped her daughter will realize sooner than her!

Chemical formula for Water: H2O

Teacher: Tell me the chemical formula for water?
Student: Teacher, HIJKLMNO (H to O)

The characters, settings and happenings are fiction only.