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Value of mom ...

How much her annual salary should be?

Real uphill tasks

A Mom does so many roles at home that if we compute her annual salary based on U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics it will be many hundred thousand dollars. For example, if we assume the following roles for a mom then here is how it breaks down annually:

• Child care: $13,000
• Recreation worker: $15,000
• Full time chef: $40,000
• Meal planning, dietitian: $41,600
• Housekeeper: $9,000
• Registered nurse: $35,000
• Attending functions/Management analyst: $41,000
• Family financier: $44,000
• Investment manager: $39,000
• Psychologist: $29,000
• General office clerk: $19,000

That comes to $325,600. May be she does a few role and she does not perform few. However, there is a high probablility that she is underpaid. But at the end of the day, the value a mom provides is - PRICELESS!

Mother's love ...

As I reached home fully drenched in a pouring rain,
My elder brother said "Hey dude, don't you know it is going to rain? You should have taken an umbrella!"
My sister quipped, "Hmmm.. you should not have gone out at all"
My dad laughingly said, "Wait to see what follows next - it will be cold!"
Handing out a towel my mom said, "What rain is this? Can't it wait until my son reached home?"
Is there a better way to describe a mother's love?

What an innocent message?

One day an innocent elementary school student stopped by his classroom teacher and said "I don't want to scare you, but my daddy said if I don't start getting better grades...somebody is going to get a spanking!"