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What does this mean?

Teacher : In today’s exam, I have asked 10 questions. How many you have left unattended?
Student : I left first 7 questions and last 3 questions.

Reader's feedback on April Shower Issue

Reader's feedback ...

  • "It is the new busy ... stress!" was excellent. Especially "Life is like a cup of coffee" provided a new appreciation of the life in general. Real good one !
  • I could not stop laughing at some of your "We are not April fooling you ..." picks! Hoping to see more of these laughs!
  • Rain song picks were excellent! Keep it up!
  • "Twenty-20: Are we talking IPL Twenty/20 Cricket?" was very timely and informative.
  • "Cherrapunjee: the rain capital of the world" information was enlightening!
  • The poems "Valluvarin Vaimozhiyil" and "Kudaikkul mazhai" were very different and were not the run of a mill!
  • The Surfboard pick "Demands of the modern world" was as always very thoughtful and appropriate for the Stress awareness month!
  • "The story It slowly sprung to prominence .. has kept us guessing again! Waiting to find what happened next!"

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