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An interesting internet chat status :
"Out of mind.
Back in few minutes"

Reader's feedback on July Anti-boredom Issue

Reader's feedback ...

  • "Why do humans dread boredom ... " the comparison with human evolution was interesting !
  • "Boredom and Antiboredom" was relatively easy puzzle except "Oneironaut" :-)
  • The article "Beauty is skin deep"
    - was informative! Overall, a nice magazine to look out for every month!
    - was information filled but still with rudimentary details. Looking for a deep research :)
  • "A prosperous kingdom" - It is true, curiosity drives many voluntary efforts.
  • "Eleven people on a rope..." It took a while before I laughed. Nice one.
  • "Work Vs Prison" - AT must carry around a security card and unlock and open all the doors yourself - very true and funny!.
  • "Listen to Whisper" really moved me.
  • The poems "Sorvail Tholaippom ..", "Maname Sorvu Kollathe", were excellent.
  • Thanks for the 2010 song picks and movie picks.
    - I would have loved to see "Bum Bum Bumbara katru..." from "RettaiSuzhi" as a part of the recommended list.
    - I would have recommended to review "Kanagavel Kakka", "Aval Peyar Tamilarasi" and "Kola Kolaiya Mundhrika" for our readers.
  • The "Golden rules for Life" were really golden. Good picks!
  • The Cover picture and colored graphics were nice and different!

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