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Smile, Camera is on ...
short story

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Joe Miller looked at his watch. Uh-Oh! it is already 5:30pm, it is time to leave the work.

He quickly started arranging the papers on his table while reviweing his today's to-do list. It is nice that he could complete 8 out of 10 items today, but he got 9 new items today which means he has to complete 11 items tomorrow.

"Hmmm.. I can never complete a to-do list within the alloted working hours. It is always more than the time available", said Joe to himself.

Planning to come an hour early tomorrow, he started shutting down his computer .

As he was walking towards his car, his phone alarm went off reminding him of his daughter's dance class at 7pm. He switched off his alarm and went into the car. After navigating through the internal roads he ramped on to the express way. The talking heads on the radio were debating about the probability of a double digit recession for the country. Joe was mentally walking through the things he needed to do as soon as he reaches home. Ring, Ring...the phone interrupted him. It was his wife.

"Yes, honey", he said.

"Can you please grab a gallon of whole milk from a convenience store?", pleaded the voice on the phone.

"Sure", he replied and disconnected the phone and brought his focus back to the road.

Another 5 more minutes to go before he can reach his town. The sun has set and the darkness has set in. Joe switched on the head lights to see the road better. He observed someone parked on the brake down lane little upfront. A women was standing by the side of the car. "Is this Mrs.Wilson?", Joe was wondering. Mrs.Wilson was his son's music teacher last year. As his car approached closer he could clearly notice that it was Mrs.Wilson.

Immediately, Joe pulled over his car and parked right behind Mrs.Wilson on the brake down lane. As he was attempting to get out of the car, he saw Mrs.Wilson waving and saying something frantically at him. Before he could make sense of what Mrs.Wilson was saying, he was outside the car and stepped on to the brake down lane.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo", Mrs.Wilson screamed.

A car which came at a high speed smashed on to Joe and threw him many feets ahead on the brake down lane. The car lost control and crashed into the woods by the road side later. Mrs.Wilson did not know what to do. She panicked. Her whole body was trembling. She somehow reached out to the phone and pressed 911 (emergency) and blurted out, "there is this worst accident on expressway I73 near exit 7" and fell unconsciously near the car.

Mrs.Wilson did not know what happened later. The paramedics came and rushed every one to the hospital.

3 days later Joe came to consciousness. When he opened his eyes, he could realize that he is surrounded by doctors and nurses.

"Mr.Miller, are you able to see me and hear me?", one of the doctor queried.

Joe could not speak and so he nodded his head. He could see a glow of smile on every one's face. Joe tried to raise his arm to ask "What happened to me?" but realized that his hand was bandaged and left secured to the neck.

Understanding his facial expression, the doctor explained, "Mr. Miller, you got hit by a fast car and was thrown into the sky. You landed 120 feet away from where you were standing. However you are one lucky person as it just resulted in multiple fractures on your hands, legs and back. No head injuries. You should be recovering within next 6 to 9 months. Mrs.Wilson and the driver of the car which crashed on you recovered too!"

Suddenly the entire future looked painful to Joe. As he turned his head, he saw his family being both happy and sad on seeing him. He saw couple of camera operators setting up cameras near the bed.

As he was trying to comprehend what was going on, the camera operators looked at him and asked "Are you ready, Mr.Miller?" Joe was puzzled with that question.

Before he could express anything, the camera operators continued, "Mr.Miller, Smile please, Camera is On!"

The camera operators took the picture and later packed away. Understanding the puzzle on his face, the doctor chirped, "Congratulations, Mr.Miller. You now own a Guinness record! The longest distance ever thrown in an accident is 118 feet and you were thrown 120 feet in this accident, so you now own the new record."

Joe was stunned to hear it. He did not know whether he should smile or get mad. Does someone record these worst accidents for a register? But he ended up smiling seeing the human behavior and whispered in his mind, "Let god help the humans!"

[The End]

Just for your smile ...

"Before you criticize someone,
you should walk a mile in their shoes.
That way
when you criticize them,
you are a mile away from them and
you have their shoes."
-Jack Handey

* The characters, settings and happenings are fiction only.