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April 2012

April Edition: Take it easy!

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Celebrating Earth Day: Image credit: Terra/ASTER/NASA and NASA Earth Observatory

Satellite picture of Bombetoka Bay, on the northwestern coast of Madagascar.
Bombetoka Bay is home to some of Madagascar's largest mangrove forests, which provide shelter for diverse mollusks
and crustaceans as well as habitat for sea turtles, water birds, and dugongs

Editor's Desk

Gross Global Happiness (GGH)

Gross National Domestic Product (GDP) has long been used as an yardstick to measure a nation's economy. GDP is a financial indicator which reflects a country's capital growth and not it's human growth. So, how can a country measure it's human growth? Are people happy? Has the society progressed or regressed during this growth? Are the people feel excited or exploited?

Recently, UN chief Ban Ki-Moon advocated the idea of introducing a "Gross Global Happiness (GGH)" indicator to measure the happiness and satisfacation of people across the world. I believe this is a novel suggestion. We need oracles like him to stop the capitalistic juggernaut, otherwise it will turn the whole human race into transaction machines. Day by day millions of humans across the globe are signing up for this transaction economy to improve their wealth and splendor. Unfortunately, wealth and splendor does not bring complete happiness. In fact, most of the rich countries rank poor on the global happiness survey.

In a school, when a teacher asked, "what you wanted to become when you grow up?" a student wrote "I want to become happy!" As you can guess, the answer was not well received by the teacher and the student was graded poorly. Did we forget what Aristotle said, "“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” This does not mean every human should lead a hedonistic life but strive to view the life in a different perspective.

So, it is a right call by Ban Ki-Moon to bring this topic into the limelight. The only country which measures the happiness of its people is Bhutan. In early 1970, Bhutan introduced "Gross National Happiness (GNH)" indicator to measure the quality of people's life. Recently United Kingdom is toying around with a similar idea named "National Well being" measure. Let us hope this is the harbinger of new ideas to improve the quality of human life. In the mean time, take it easy, feel happy and lobby for a GNH or GGH measure!

In this issue, we have picked contents to make you feel relaxed and good. Kick up your heels, read, enjoy, share and take it easy!

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  • Nuggets:
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Doctor, What are my odds of getting better?


“Doctor, What are my odds of getting better?” asked the worried patient.

“All Good News, One hundred per cent Recovery!” replied the physician. “Medical records show that nine out of every ten die of this disease. Since, my previous nine patients have died and you are my tenth case you will get better and recover."

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