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Time to Stand up.

Yes, to lose your weight!


If you are one among the many who have "losing weight" as one of this year's resolution then there is now a smart way to accomplish it without breaking much sweat - just standing! Really? Yes, says a new research. Office workers who are glued to their desk are having a sedentary lifestyle and may even end up with deep venous thrombosis by sitting from 9 to 5 for at lest 5 days of a week. It does not really matter how much you are compensating by taking stairs at office, walking during lunch, stretching yourself on the chair, or hitting the gym during weekends. There is a lot more gain by just standing more in office rather than sitting long hours.

Dr. John Buckley, an exercise scientist from the Chester University, England conducted the most recent research on the benefits of standing, he himself working from a standing-desk. He says that this idea dates back to 1940s and not a new one, citing the example of celebrated English author Ernest Hemingway.

What can be the gain by pushing back your chairs and spending more time standing? Dr. Buckley calculated out that by standing at a desk for 3 hours, rather than sitting down can burn an extra 144 calories daily. He adds that this is achieved with no change in leisure time activities or job duties and if anyone is able to burn an extra 144 calories per day, and if that person is working for 5 days a week and taking 5 weeks' vacation per year, he/she will burn a total of over 30,000 calories and will get rid of more than 8 pounds of human fat in a year. Besides this, one will be improving the general circulation, and bringing a total healthier take on the traditional office atmosphere.

The exercises expert says that one can choose to work on higher-than-normal computer desks to type out documents or e-mails and emphasizes that making this type of small change in the workplace could go a long way in one’s health improvement.

Dr. Buckley also says that people are sitting down at work, sitting in the car, sitting down in front of the television, and points out that sitting is not a natural posture of humans, who are designed to stand up and keep moving most of the time.

So, what are you waiting for? Furnish your home and office with stand-up furniture!

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I hated every minute of my training ...


“I hated every minute of the training, but I said,
“Don’t quit.
Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

~Muhammad Ali

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