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2011 "Delightful Night" special

Delightful "Night " Special !

Not a Halloween Monster ... It is a Pencil art!

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Not a Halloween Monster - It is a Pencil art!

Editor's Desk

Delightful 'Night'

Imagine the stars on the sky showed up only one night for every few years. Imagine the euphoric level on that day.

With sparkling stars and soothing moonlight, the night is delightful and beautiful in a rural side. Many events and festivals are based around the changes in the night sky. Religious events such as Ramadan, Full moon day (Pournami), New moon day (Amavasai), Christmas are some examples. Few other festivals such as Navrathiri (9 nights) and Diwali (lamp) are celebrated to add light to the night's darkness. However, with rapid industrialization, the sky in urban towns are filled with Halogen lights and Fluoroscent lights. Moonlights and stars do not have any more impacts on urban life. Life has moved away from a natural life style to artificial life style. Do we need another revolution to push us all back to rural side to enjoy the sparkling days and delightful nights?

Speaking of the rural side, Chinese government recently refused to include a village (Blue Dragon Village) on its map as they were formed against the wishes of the government. People who live in that village do not have an address, an identity or admission to schools or hospitals. Imagine the nightmare of living without an identity or an address in your own country. Hope common sense prevails and these citizens are granted their basic human identity.

This month Ohio encountered a dark night. Sheriff deputies shot dead nearly 50 wild animals - including 18 Bengal tigers, 17 lions, 3 black bears, 2 grizzlies, a wolf, a boboon, 3 mountain lions and others - when an exotic animal park owner threw open the cage after committing suicide. These rare animals which were caged till that day were hunted down on the day it was freed. Unbelievable closure to these wild lives. :-( By the way, why is the state supporting a law to keep exotic animals as pets? It may be a good time to review the law.

In this edition we have hand picked contents which reflect the "Night" festival month - Navrathri, Dussehra, Diwali and Halloween. Read, enjoy, share and be delighted!

  • In the Brain-tickler category:
    • Which type of vegetarian you are? Vegan, Lacto Vegan, Lacto-ovo Vegan or Flexitarian... Find yourself.
  • In the Health Topic section:
    • Learn facts about night and sleep health in the article "How good is the night?"
    • Learn about the plight of night shifts in the video picks "Shift Work Sleep Disorder"
  • In the English Song category:
    • Listen to our song picks for "Night" theme.
    • Added newly to this section a Jukebox for your continuous play. Listen to our picks.
  • In the Seriously Funny section:
    • Watch the funny video "Scary pranks: Halloween special"
    • Read the humor, "Nightmare(s)"
    • Read the humor, "Skeleton Delivery"
  • In the Surfboard section:
    • Read the thought "It is important to shoehorn ..."
  • In the Tamil Picks section:
    • Enjoy the 10 Tamil songs picked out of 20+ songs we reviewed for Night (Iravu, Rathiri) theme!
    • Listen to the 20+ best Night (Iravu, Rathiri) theme songs using our Jukebox.
    • Read the poem picks "Iravu" and "Iravil Oru Penn" in the Tamil poem section.
    • View our recommended tamil movie for this month.
  • In the new Recipe Spot section:
    • Learn how to make a Besan Ladoo (Sweet) for this Indian festival (Diwali) month.
  • Nuggets:
    • Don't miss to reflect on the thoughts of Steve Jobs, a man who believed in changing the world and who did so. May his soul RIP.
      - Mavericks - in Editor's desk section
      - You can move mountains .. even in dark nights! - in Surfboard section
      - All cats are gray in the dark ... - in Reader's feedback section
      - Before calling it a night ... in Your feedback section
  • Get Inspired by watching the video "There is no reason not to follow your heart. Stay hungry, Stay foolish" in "Your Feedback" page.

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Mavericks ...

"Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…
the ones who see things differently —
they’re not fond of rules…

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them,
but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them
because they change things…
they push the human race forward,
and while some may see them as the crazy ones,
we see genius, because
the ones who are crazy enough to think that
they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

as narrated by Steve Jobs in "Think Different"

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