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March 2012

March Madness Edition: Just published !

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Editor's Desk

Bring on the madness!

Spring is on and with that the day light savings is in. While the debate continues as to the benefits of such time-shifts you would have already lost an hour of sleep from your Circadian rhythm (bio-rhythm). Now, add the NCAA basket ball/bracket frenzy to this month and it certainly brings a madness in every one!

Recently a North Dakota man was fined twice within an hour for speeding more than 100 mph. His genuine reason - he could not keep track of his speedometer while driving! GE reported recently that a 100 year old bulb found in Nela park facility at Ohio still shines. Unbelievable, right? In another news, a man in Dormant, Pennsylvania returned overdue library books from 1920s. It was borrowed by his father or uncle and was never retuned. If a 5 cent fine is computed from the day it was borrowed, it totals out to $1600. Not sure whether he paid or was asked to pay. Hope he was not asked to pay!

By the way, madness is not a bad thing. Without a little madness, we may never invent new things or evolve out of our comfort zone. As David Cronenberg said "Everybody is a mad scientist and life is their lab. We are all trying to experiment to find a way to live, to solve problems, to fend of madness and chaos." So bring on madness, let it sow the seeds for great minds!

In this issue, we have picked contents to relive your March madness. Along with those we have hand picked additional contents on Sales profession, Employee recognition, Women's day and Origami (paper art) images to celebrate the 100th birthday of Japanese Origami founder Yoshizawa Akira. Read, enjoy, share and relieve your madness!

  • In the Brain-tickler category:
    • How 'mad' are you? Test your March madness.
  • In the Health Topic section:
    • Learn about personality disorders in "Keep your personality in order ..."
    • Learn about the recent news of Coke and Pepsi dropping cancer causing coloring compounds in "Cancer Cola".
  • In the English Song category:
    • Listen to our best pump-up song picks for 'March Madness' theme.
    • Listen the picked songs continuously with our Jukebox!
  • In the Seriously Funny section:
    • Watch the funny video "Call someone if you need help!"
    • Read the humor, "I am very important person for this world ... "
    • Read the humor, "I am not laughing ..."
  • In the Surfboard section:
    • Read the thought "A taste of one's own medicine ..."
  • In the Tamil Picks section:
    • Enjoy the 10 Tamil songs picked out of 20+ songs we reviewed for 'Mad (Paithiyam, Kirukku)' theme.
    • new Anniversary Special: Enjoy the video picks continuously, on-demand in our new video channel.
    • Listen to the 12+ best songs for 'Mad (Paithiyam, Kirukku)' theme.
    • Read the poem picks "Magalir Thina Nalvazhthukkal" and "Avan Arul" in the Tamil poem section.
    • View our recommended tamil movie - "Vettail" - review for this month.
  • In the Recipe Spot section:
    • Learn how to make Chinese noodles (Indian way) at home.
  • Nuggets:
    • Don't miss to reflect on the thought and humor nuggets.
      - Too much sanity may be madness - in Editor's desk section
      - How are you feeling? and Carcinogen? No problem - in Health section
      - Insanity ... - in Surfboard section
      - Want to buy tooth brush? - in Reader's footprint section
      - Insanity and Genius ... in Your feedback section
  • Get Inspired by watching the video "Flying 45 foot paper airplane with 24 foot wingspan!"

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks. Write your feedback about this issue by clicking on the email icon. We value your opinion, thoughts and time.

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Too much sanity may be madness ...


“Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all:
to see life as it is, and not as it should be!”

- Dale Wasserman, Man of La Mancha

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