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Not sleeping well?

Blame the moon !


A recent research study published in the journal "Current Biology" finds a correlation between full moon and poor sleep.

Chronobiologist and sleep researcher Christian Cajochen at the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Basel in Switzerland was quite doubtful when people complained of poor sleep around the full moon day. In order to clarify his doubt, he organized for a research test.

For this test, 33 adults of various age group from both sexes were made to spend several nights in a sleep lab and various parameters like brain activity, hormone level, and eye moment were recorded. On nights closer to full moon, the participants took 5 more minutes to fall asleep, slept 20 minutes lesser than normal. The melatonin (hormone which helps regulate sleep cycles) level fell and brain activity decreased by 30%. These results were the outcome of 4 years of studies with healthy, good-sleeping, non-drug using individuals. All the participants complained of poor sleep during the same period.

Already we are aware that our human body is based on circadian rhythm activities on a daily basis. So, it is felt that a circalunar rhythm is also possible which is a monthly cycle, may be between two full moons.

So, the scientists have concluded that "the lunar cycle seems to influence human sleep, even when one does not see the moon and is not aware of the actual moon phase," Cajochen said.

So, we can now blame the moon for a bad night sleep!

Watch the informational Video: Poor sleep and full moon

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