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Nov 2013

Once in a blue moon ...

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Once in a blue moon !

Literally, a 'blue' moon does not exist. By definition, a second full moon in a calendar month is called a 'blue' moon. An older definition identifies a third full moon in a season of four full moons as a 'blue' moon. It is used to represent the 13th moon in year of 12 moons. Metaphorically, a blue moon is used to denote an event which occurs rarely. One of the rare event is the probability of playing 200 test matches in cricket. This privilege went to Sachin Tendulkar !

What can you say about a cricketer who holds almost every record in this sport - highest number of international runs (30,000), highest number of international centuries (51 test centuries, 49 ODI centuries), highest number of domestic runs (50118), highest number of domestic centuries (142), first cricketer to score 200 in ODI ... the list goes on.

"I don’t know about cricket but still I watch cricket to see Sachin play. Not b’coz I love his play its b’coz I want to know the reason why my country’s production goes down by 5 percent when he is batting” - Barack Obama

The above Obama quote which does not appear to be official is floating around the internet. However, it echoes the observation of the Australian cricket journalist Peter Rebouck who wrote, "On a train from Shimla to Delhi, there was a halt in one of the stations. The train stopped by for few minutes as usual. Sachin was nearing century, batting on 98. The passengers, railway officials, everyone on the train waited for Sachin to complete the century. This Genius can stop time in India!" Yes, he can. Sachin is the most loved cricketer in the world!

Sachin is also a great inspiration to many as he showed the world what talent and passion can bring to oneself. He once shared, ”When I started playing, I always wanted to be regarded as one of the best and the idea was that when I stopped playing, people would remember my name. Being regarded as one of the best players is always a good feeling, and that drives you, it refuels you completely. You want to be on top of your game all the time and push yourself harder and harder. There’s a huge responsibility and it is a great challenge. I love that,” he added…..“Whatever level you reach, getting better never stops.

I am sure one day Sachin's record will also be broken like Sunil Gavaskar's record but it will be another rare event!

In this edition, we have picked 'moon' as our theme. We consciously kept it fictional and steered ourselves away from scientific/space/universe perspectives. Now, read, enjoy and share the magazine with your network!

  • In the Brain-tickler category:
    • Many moons ago ... every full moon had a name!
  • In the Man and Moon section:
    • Learn about moon effects in "Think someone hung moon and stars? Not everything is perfect ..."
    • Not sleeping well? Blame the moon!
  • In the English Song category:
    • Listen to our English song Picks - Talking to the moon: Moon Collection!
    • Listen to the picked songs continuously with our Jukebox!
  • In the Seriously Funny section:
    • Watch the clip - "Ghost chess player"
    • Read the humor, "The hero who saved the moon from drowning ..."
    • Read the humor, "Which is farther away? Florida or Moon?"
  • In the Surfboard section:
    • Read the story "Moon and Cold weather"
  • In the Short Story section:
    • Read the Africal folktale "Friends in high places!"
    • Read the Hindu Mythology "The Curse!"
  • In the Tamil Picks section:
    • Enjoy the 10 Tamil songs picked out of 20+ songs to soak in the moon!
    • Enjoy the video picks continuously, on-demand in our new video channel.
    • Listen to the song picks continuously in Jukebox.
    • Read the tamil poem picks "Kathiruppom Kanne"
  • In the Recipe Spot section:
    • Idea for next moon light dinner: "Indian Naan using grill".
  • Nuggets:
    • Join our tributes to Tendulkar in various section of this edition
      - "Standing Ovations ..."- in Editor's desk section
      - "What is going on in my mind?", "He is not going to sleep for a week ..." - in Health section
      - "Your true critics!" - in Surfboard section
      - "I drive Porche, what car do you drive?"- in Reader's footprint section
      - "Success is a process..." - in Your feedback section
  • Get Inspired by watching the video, "Sachin Tendulkar: the man who answered the hope of billions!"

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks. Write your feedback about this issue by clicking on the email icon or feedback icon. We truly value your opinion, thoughts and time.

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A tribute to Tendulkar: Standing Ovations!


"Sometimes I need to look at the scoreboard to figure out whether I'm batting hundred-plus or whether I am on zero."

Sachin Tendulkar struggles to distinguish between his standing ovations for entering the pitch and then for getting his half-century and century.

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