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Think someone hung the moon and stars?

Not everything is perfect.


Moon has been for a long time the center of attraction in art, literature, poetry, prose, and music. We have always associated Moon to a cool, calm, beautiful female. Moon happens to be a general term for any natural satellite of a planet. However, we normally use the adjectives"lunar" derived from Latin Luna and "selenic" derived from Greek Selene.

Many of the ancient calendars 200-300 decades back used the waxing and waning of the moon as the basis. Our 30-day month itself is based on an approximate lunar cycle.

William Shakespeare in his famous play "Romeo and Juliet" says, "Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.” Though Moon has several changing phases within a lunar cycle, we happen to see the same face of the Moon all the time! So what? Have we not grown up seeing a rabbit or an old woman on that face? Have we not admired the beauty of the solitary full moon and bathed in the white light? How correctly high tides are caused on earth on full and new moon days when the Earth, Moon, and the Sun come in a straight line!

When something spectacular undergoes a sudden change, it is bound to create a concern or panic among the viewers. Same happened during eclipses. A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth comes between the Sun and Moon, on a full-moon night. The Earth blocks the sunlight except some bent light through the earth's atmosphere causing a coppery glow to the Moon for sometime. This is just a scientific phenomenon and anybody living in the night part of the Earth could visualize this. Now thousands of people view this awesome occurrence with naked eyes again and again.

However, in the distant past eclipse terrified the viewers. They thought it was an evil omen. The Chinese thought a dragon swallowed the Moon and spit blood all over, but they were speculating as to how the Moon came out again every time! In the arctic area still people turn down their utensils to avoid contamination! Astrology always connects Moon as the ruler of instincts and emotions. According to Hindu mythology, the two "grahas" namely the Rahu and Ketu swallow the Sun and Moon causing eclipses. In Hindu astrology, the full moon/new moon days and the eclipse days are considered inauspicious since tantric practitioners consider these days apt for their paranormal activities. That is why astrologers advise children, old people, sick and pregnant women to stay indoors and not to eat anything during the eclipse. Also, it is considered best to take bath after an eclipse and worship at temples to ward off the evil effects.

Anyway, one person tricked on this lunar eclipse to save himself, yes that was our famous explorer Christopher Columbus. It was his fourth and final voyage during 1503, when his crew landed in the North coast of Jamaica. The natives there at first generously supplied food and other supplies, but after several months, they became discontented with the stealing, raiding, and criminal offenses of the crew and stopped the supply. Luckily for the crew, Columbus had certain astronomical tables and an almanac that predicted a total lunar eclipse on February 29, 1504. He still more calculated and got the exact time of occurrence and the period of eclipse. With these details, he called the chiefs of the tribe and said that God was angry with them for stopping the supplies and he will be taking away the moon from them and also punish them. As predicted, the lunar eclipse did take place at the exact time given by Columbus. What next, the frightened natives agreed to resume their food and other supplies.

People with mental illness are referred as lunatics, that comes from the word Luna or moon. Again from time immemorial, it is a belief that mentally sick people behave more violently and are aggressive during a full moon day. Crime rate is believed to go up on a full moon day. Full moon is also thought to affect the clotting of blood during surgeries. Even fevers, rheumatism, epilepsy and some diseases are believed to get acute on a full moon day. These beliefs, however, are not 100% proven.

So, let us recollect what Confucius has said, "The faults of a superior person are like the sun and moon. They have their faults, and everyone sees them; they change and everyone looks up to them."

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