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My ex-boy friend

Short Story


It started raining suddenly during the morning walk in the park. Initially I was worried for not carrying an umbrella but slowly I started enjoying the walk in the shower. The empty park and the walk in the rain brought back lots of fond childhood memories - the fun in getting drenched in the rain and ending up facing mom’s ire. So I decided to get drenched completely forgetting my age and asthma.

After coming home, I quickly dried myself and sat with a hot cup of coffee for the daily schedule of checking mails and FB (Facebook) statuses. Just as a flash , I thought I saw him for a minute. OMG. My heart almost stopped for few seconds. Is he around here. ? God. For first few minutes I went numb. Didn’t know what to do. My boyfriend has surfaced again. !!!

Once I regained my composure , my mind wandered from past to present and to future. What happened and what is happening and what will happen if my Dad comes to know . Suddenly my morning enjoyment in rain got completely vanished. Fear gripped. I started thinking of various possibilities. First I thought , let me make sure it is him, before pressing any kind of panic button. Next 30 mins I sat there. But there was no sign of him. After sometime I realised maybe it’s my imagination and slowly started with my regular work. How wrong I was!!

After a week, during a lunch time I saw him again. He seemed to have gained a bit more weight , but had the same swiftness. His black colored shine much more!!!. I have to control my growing admiration for him. From then he was surfacing more frequently. I knew , he was also trying to catch my attention and making his presence felt. I remembered the last ramifications I had to go through when I shared about him to my Dad. So I was just tossing in my mind whether to tell my Dad or not this time.

As one more week passed, my boy friend started showing up more, may be, he now feels I miss him and I accept his presence again. After some real arguments within myself, one fine day, I broke the news to my Dad. He had a worried look. He asked me,” Must be after 4 years, right? “ . I said “Yes. After moving from Chennai to Delhi, this is the first time “ . My Dad normally tries to see how quickly a problem can be solved rather than discussing at length about how it all started. Anyhow all those sessions were over last time. An uneasy calm remained. Then he asked me “Do you want me to handle this ?”. Quckly I replied “yes”. He said he will take care of him on the coming weekend.

When he said that, I felt a lump in my throat. My eyes swelled a bit. I know I m going to miss him and all his mischiefs. On Sunday when he came up , my Dad dealt with him more firmly this time. The entire episode lasted for about 25 mins. Yes, my boyfriend finally left not to return again. I wept quietly in my room. I now realised somewhere at corner of my heart, I had a liking for him. After two or three days things were back to normal. Again, the morning walk and the rain, but somehow the happiness is less!!!


Last week on advice of my mother and family priest my Dad and I went to the Vinayagar temple for a special pooja , after all both of us have offended Vinayagar's Vahaan (transport) (my boyfriend) in one way or the other…

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