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Titanic : 100 years of gripping emotions ...

A disaster never forgotten !


April 15th marked the 100th anniversary of the epic disaster in which 1500 people lost their lives in 160 horrifying minutes. This disaster which gripped the world's attention in 1912 is alive till now. Any thing named Titanic is watched intensely. A 3D movie version was released recently with a grand success and a recent British auction fetched $120000 for a first class lunch menu used in RMS Titanic.

How much are you in tune with Titanic. Check yourself.

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Titanic, the engineering marvel, claimed to be "unsinkable even by god" eventually went down due to iceberg. Do you know how long was Titanic?

a. 3 foot ball fields
b. 4 baseball fields
c. 92 Tennis courts
d. 2 cricket pitch

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Everything was grandiose in the ship - 10 course meal, its own newspaper, libraries, squash court, Turkish bath, heated swimming pool and many more. Many rich people took the maiden voyage with Titanic. Do you know who was the richest person on the Titanic and how rich he was?

a. John Jacob Astor IV, 40 million
b. Ida Straus, 70 million
c. Edward Smith, 20 million
d. Molly Brown, 100 million

Also do you know which two rich businessman just escaped this major disaster?

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Titanic carried more around 2228 passengers and crews. Around 1500 lost their lives. Lack of live boats is attributed as one of the prime reason for such huge loss of life. But, do you know that Titanic was within the legal limits for life boats? The legal requirement was to carry life boats for 1060 members! How many survivors do you think are still alive?

a. 0
b. 1-3
c. 3-6
d. 6-10

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Every one know that the musicians on board played until the Titanic sank. Do you know the last song they played before they succumbed to the ocean waters?

a. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
b. Halleulah
c. Party Rock Anthem
d. Nearer my God to Thee

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What happened moments after Titanic scraped the Iceberg?

a. The ship broke apart
b. People laughed and played soccer with chunks of iceberg
c. People ignored the iceberg
d. The captain ordered evacuation