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Tamil Song picks: Best poetic verses
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There are around 200 lyricist who have contributed to the Tamil movie industry. It is hard to do justice to everyone while picking up just 10 songs. When you look for the best meaningful, poetic, thematic songs the prominet writers such as Kannadasan, Vaali, Vairamuthu beat every one by miles. But none of them can surpass Bharati - he stands tall among the competition even after so many years. Gangai Amaran, Pulamai Pithan, T.Rajendar and even Ilaiyaraja have few good songs to their credit. Among the new generation Pa.Vijay has a better poetic flavor than others. Na.Muthukumar, Viveka, Thamarai, Andal and Snehan are churning out good lyrics and are close on heels to Pa.Vijay but need to add more metaphores, similes and imagery into their lyric to make it more poetic. Enjoy our 10 video picks (from 27 videos we reviewed) and 25 audio picks (from the 50 songs we reviewed) for your leisure time watching and listening!

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Album: Bharathi
Song: Nirpathave, Nadapathuvu ...

Who else can top our poet list other than Bharathi? How could he write poems that could stay contemporary after so many years. There are many choices to choose from. Here we have included two and the remaining picks in the Jukebox.

Great credit goes to Ilaiyaraja for making this poem as an excellent song!

Nirpathuve, Nadapathuve, Parapathuve,
Neengal Ellam Soppanam thano,
Pala thotra mayakkangalo ...

[Context: A poem/song addressing the earth's beauty.
Translation: You the lovely things on earth who are standing, walking and flying..
You are all a great dream to us,
You are mesmerizing our sights ...]

Album: Varuminyi Niram Sivappu
Song: Nallathor Veenai Seithe ...

Another Bharathi's classic. Nice composition by MS Viswanathan. Jukebox has Ilaiyaraja's version.

Nallathore Veenai Seithe,
Athai nalan keda
puzhithiyil erivathundo? ...

[Context: A poem/song pleading to the god Sakthi ...
Translation: After making a beautiful veena (a musical instrument), will someone throw into a dust? ..
... .... ... ...]

Album: Sooriyakanthi
Song: Paramasivan Kaluthil Irunthu Pambu ...

Kannadasan, the first ever to win the Indian National Film Award for Tamil Lyrics in 1969 is known for his simple choice of words in his poems and songs. The words were so common that people from every walk of life could understand what he was saying.

Paramasivan kaluthil irunthu pambu kettathu, karuda soukyama?
Yaarum irukkum idathil irunthu kondal ellam sounkyame,
Karudan sonnathu, athil arthamullathu..

[Context: A satirical song exposing the comfort one enjoys with one's earthly status ...
The snake from god Paramasivan's (Shiva) neck queried his predator Garuda (Eagle) as how is he doing?
For this the Garuda replied, "If everyone stay in the comfort of their security everything will stay fine :-)
... .... ... ...]


Album: Paathakanikaai
Song: Veedu varai uravu ...

In addition to 5000 movie song lyrics, Kannadasan is credited with 6000 poems and 232 books - novels, epics, plays and essays. A philosophical song from his collection which captured the minds of millions.

"Veedu varai uravu
Veethi varai manivi
Kaadu varai pillai
Kadaisi varai yaaro .."

[Context: A philosophical song describing the extent of relationship in the context of Hindu culture ...
Relationship with kith and kin ends with home,
Relationship with wife ends at home,
Relationship with son ends at burial ground,
Which relationship is eternal? ]

Album: Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu
Song: Sippi Irukkudu...

A light hearted song, where Kannadasan has composed for the beat.

" Chandangal nee aanal
Sangeetham naan aaven ..."

[Translation: If you are the beat then I am the song ...]


Album: Nizhalgal
Song: Madai Thiranthu ...

Vaali, penning from 1963 was nominated for Padma Shri award for his literary work. His famous work includes “Tharai mel pirakka vaithai” (Padakotti) “Atho antha paravai pola vazha vendum” (Ayirathil Oruvan) to his latest "Ponnar Sankar". Vaali transformed himself into fusion-lyricist when he started introducing words from other languages into Tamil songs. In our picks we have picked 2 of his best hits not his fusion hits :-)

"Madai thiranthu aadum nathi alai thaan,
Manam thiranthu koovum siru kuyil naan ... "

I am a dancing river wave streaming out of a dam,
I am a cuckoo bird singing from my heart ...]

Album: Mouna Raagam
Song: Manram Vantha Thendralukku ...


A consonance style poem from Vaali with words ending with "-dram' sound. Simple and meaningful words which are conveying the essence of the story. Superb composition by Ilaiyaraja.

"Bhoopalame koodathenum
Vaanam unndo sol"

[Translation: Is there a dawn which will not accept its own celebratory song (known as Bhoopalam) ]

Album: Nizhalgal
Song: Pon Mazhai Pozhudu ...

This song announced the arrival of another national award winning poet - Vairamuthu. He along with Javed Akhtar holds the record for securing 5 National Awards for the best song lyrics.

This song also marked the beginning of songs (poem) which were metaphoric and which used lot of imagery. No one would have described a dusk better than this :-) Again, Ilayaraja needs a special mention for the composition.

"Vaanam enakkoru bhodi maram
Naalum enakkathu sethi tharum"

[Translation: The sky is a fig (bhodi) tree, which provides news to me every day.. ) ]

Album: Payanangal Mudivathilai
Song: Ilaya Nila Pozhigiradhe ...

Another metaphor from Vairmuthu for a beautiful Ilaiyaraja's composition.

"Ula pogum megam
Kanaa kanuthe
Vila kalame, Vaaname ... "

[Translation: Strolling clouds are dreaming now.. a festival season in the sky .. ) ]

Nice imagery!
BTW, Vairamuthu is guilty of overusing words like 'nila', 'kanne', 'maane', 'thenae', 'vaanam' in his songs.

Album: Ayya
Song: Oru vaarthai solla ...

Pa.Vijay - recent Indian National award winner for his song lyric "Ovvoru pookalume" for movie 'Autograph'. He was introduced by Bhagyaraj for his movie 'Gnanapazham'. Unfortunately, his song never ended up in the movie.

He got noticed for his song “karuppu than enakku pidicha coloru” and became popular with "Unnale, Unnale" song "June ponal.. ". Vaali pronounced him as his "kalai varisu" (successor in his art).

We have picked a song from from the movie Ayya, which is well written for the movie situation with simple word choices.

" Sooriyana Sooriyana surukkuu paiyil .
naan alli vara, alli vara aasaipatten
Singathaiyum singathaiyum sila naala
enn chinna chinna kamalukkul puttikitten "

[Translation: I was wishing to pack the sun into my vanity bag (surukku pai),
I have locked the lion into my earrings locket ...]

Interesting wishes and attempts!


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