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Tick, Tock ... Countless more exist!

Reports say that Japanese, the inventors of Haiku form of poetry, were able to create interesting
Haikus to replace the impersonal computer error messages - especially Microsoft’s errors. Here are few scenarios which you would have experienced and would appreciate the error messages in Haiku form instead of the originial form.

Scenario: You are trying to access a web site (URL) and you get a "page not found" error.
Replacement Error message in Haiku form:
The Web site you seek
Cannot be located, but
Countless more exist.

Tick-Tock ... (This line is not part of the Haiku)

Thought for the month!

This is a content which I believe is making rounds in emails. It was forwarded to me by my friend. The original author is unknown. The content has been formatted to fit this webpage. If you have read before, you can skip, else read this definitely. A perfect read for this month !

Poetic Painting ...


Once upon a time, a well-known painter was finishing his painting. It's an incredibly poetic painting to be sold in an upcoming art exhibition.

The painter was consumed by and excited with his own painting that he unconsciously took a few step backward while admiring the 2 x 8 m painting. He didn't look back when he walked backward. He kept on walking backward until it was a step away from the edge of the tall building. Just one more step backward and he could get himself killed.

A man saw what the painter was doing and was about to holler at him to warn him, but he realized that his shout may surprise the painter and he may end up taking a step backward and may fall down from the building edge. So, in a flash, he took a brush and a paint and began painting over the beautiful poetic painting ruining the picture in that process.

Upon realizing what's happening to his painting the painter charged forward to stop the man from destroying his hard work. However, the other people who were watching this whole scene happening, held him and explained how he has really saved from a grave danger.

Sometimes we would have painted our future with such poetic beauty and dreamed of beautiful days when one of our loved ones would have ruined the whole plan. But, instead of getting angry, we must step back and understand the danger from which our loved one's would have saved us from!

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