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Are you worrying to be happy?

Tips to live happy ...

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What is happiness?

Happiness can be very easily defined as a state of well-being and contentment. Happiness cannot be measured. It is a personal scale rather. Happiness is more related to excitement in small children; for example a new play thing or an outing can cause them immense happiness. Whereas, in the aged, happiness is a mere contentment, say the success of their children or a reasonable quality of life keeps them happy.

What can enhance our happiness?

1. Happy people are those who are always in the company of their family and friends. The simple hug or a kiss plays a great role. Attending social functions and gatherings goes a long way in reducing the time you worry.
2. People who pursue something they believe they can excel are happy. For example, playing a game, pursuing a hobby, writing a book, etc.
3. People who get out of unpleasant situations and unpleasant people as fast as they can are less unhappy. The lesson we learn from any bad experience should not be dealt in a negative way, rather given enough time for positive thinking on that.
4. Do what you like. In that case even the pressure of a deadline at work will only make you happy on completion and not stressed.
5. One who always compares upwards is unhappy. Contentment in life is very important. We must practice on this. i.e., feeling happy for the leg instead of complaining about the shoe.
6. Happiness is contagious. Mingle with happy people especially young children, who are always a source of joy and energy.
7. Positive thinking of mind lessens your worries a great deal. The attitude with which we face a problem decides the outcome of the result. To be happy, don’t be negative.
8. Gratitude towards something or somebody naturally keeps us in good spirits.
9. The tendency to forgive somebody lessens our rival behavior towards them. So, the unhappy mood changes once you forgive somebody.
10.Last, but not the least, the religiousness or beliefs that we think strengthens us in our weak times is quite supportive. Somehow, we feel like our burden is relieved or shared by some energy and hence our happiness quotient goes up.

What are not related to happiness: Though surprising, money, materials, our looks, intelligence, and education, are proved NOT to be responsible for our happiness.

Health and Happiness: To some extent, good health is related to our happiness. But again, there is no point in worrying about any disease condition and asking questions like “how that could occur?”, “why it happened to me alone?” etc. Rather, just look into life positively and do things to ensure a maximum quality of life or in other words “accept” the bestowed health.“Prevention is better than cure”, so health-wise happiness lies in the awareness of an individual to adhere to periodic screenings and keep all health parameters under control.

Healthy lifestyle, good food habits, exercising daily, physical and mind health boosters like yoga and meditation are the ones to be appreciated for a healthy body and a happy mind.

George Bernard Shaw said“ The only way to avoid being miserable is not to have enough leisure to wonder whether you are happy or not ". So, keeping oneself busy itself will switch off the idle worrying mind.

So, folks, smile, be active, positive, content, healthy and know you are always HAPPY…..

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Best vitamin to stay happy ...

The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1 (be one).

Disclaimer: The above content is provided for information and awareness purpose only. It is not prescriptive or suggestive or meant to replaces your qualified physician's advice or consultation.