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Happiness and Fun

Few things you would be happy to know about ...

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Few fun things you would be happy to know about. Play the quiz to know!

By the way, Studies have shown that Chocolate reduces the stress (hormone) level in humans. So you now have an excuse to eat chocolate every day. But, remember, you should not eat more than 1 piece a day.

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Which is considered to be the most happiest country in the world?

a. Denmark
b. India
b. USA
d. Japan

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Which is rated as a most popular board game among children?

a. Life
b. Monopoly
c. Risk
d. Operation

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What popular board game will people still be playing 100 years from now?

a. Scrabble
b. Jenga
c. Monopoly
d. Twister

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Which among the following is considered as a most popular dance in the world?

a. Waltz
b. Tango
c. Mambo
d. Disco

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Which is a better prize strategy for a family fun party?

a. No prize
b. Prize for all
c. Grab bag (with prizes) for all
d. Any or All of the above