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Our next issue will be in March. If you would like to submit your stories, poems, experiences, photos or artwork you are most welcome! Your submission must reach us before 10 Mar 2010.

The prompts for March edition are:

  • "It was an occassion to rise ..."
  • "An idea sprung in his mind ..."
  • "It slowly sprung to prominence ..."
  • Your stories, poems or experiences must use the above prompt as a part of the submission. For photos or artwork you can use the above prompt as titles.

    The submission must be original and must not violate any existing copyrights. The submission can be in English or Tamil or Tamil-English. Keep in mind that you are addressing a world wide audience while creating your submissions. There are no limitations on age or location or profile. The submission must be in electronic format and must be sent to the following email id: Selected submissions will be published in the March issue. Good luck!

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