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Album: Oru thalai ragam
Song: Vasamilla Malarithu Vasanthanthai theduthu...
The song which starts with a drum roll took the industry by a storm when released. Beautiful lyric, beautiful orchestration, beautifully sung by SP Balasubrmaniam.

Interestingly in this movie T-Rajendar's name was associated only with music even though he was the man behind this movie. In one of the events he said he got 100 or 1000 rupee as his salary for his work in this movie and that too after a long battle with the producer :-(
Re-live the song here...

Album: Rayil Payanangalil
Song: Vasantham padi vara...
The lyricist and poet T.Rajendar was in full swing in this movie. His first official directorial movie. This song is opposite in mood to the first song ! Interestingly sung by SPB again!
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Album: Rayil Payanangalil
Song: Vasantha kalangal ...

A carnatic beat in the same movie by T.Rajendar. Very poetic - "Vasantha Kalangal, Isanidhu Padungal" - well rendered by Jeyachandran.

Re-live the song here...
[average video quality]

Album: Rayil Payanangalil
Song: Vasantha Oonjalile ...
A pathos in the same movie by T.Rajendar. T.M.Soundarrajan sung this song after a long time.
"Noolum Illai.. Vaalum Illai
Vaanil pattam viduvena?"

Where did the poet in TR go in the recent days?
Re-live the song here...
[average video quality]

Album: Pava Mannippu
Song: Kalangalil aval vasantham ...
The PB Srinivas classic which is a lullaby any time. The lyric by Kannadasan - what to say?
"Kann Pol Valarpathil Annai,
Aval Kavingnan akkinal ennai.. "
- so simple words to fit the tune, but so meaningful. Hope modern day poets are listening!
Re-live the song here...
[Live Performance]

Album: Moondru Mudichu
Song: Vasantha kala nathigalile ...
A MS Viswanathan's classic with Jayachandran and Vani Jayaram rendering their voices. Very clear and simple lyric with a soft orchestration pleasant to hear. This is also the movie which gave a big break for Sridevi, Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth.
Re-live the song here...
[Music only]

Album: Pudhu Vasantham
Song: Vaa Vaa Vasanthame ...
An Illayaraja melody with Malaysia Vasudevan's voice. Best video to watch. Soft and sensitive.
Re-live the song here...
[Music only]

Album: Tyagam
Song: Vasantha kala Kolangal ...
A MS Viswanathan's classic with Janaki with Kannadasan's simple lyric.
"Kalanididum Kanavugal
Kaneer Sindhum Ninaivugal"
Link not provided

Album: Ninaivellam Nithya
Song: Nee thane enthan pon vasantham ...
A Illayaraja's melody with SPB rendering his voice. A lullaby and foot tapping number. Very nice orchestration.
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Album: Mayanguhiral Oru Madhu
Song: Varavendum Vazhkaiyil Vasantham ...
From the movie which gave "Samsaram enbathu veenai.." . Varavendum Vazhkaiyil .. is a KJ Yesudoss song in Vijay Bhaskar's music.
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