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Twenty 20:Are we talking IPL Twenty/20 cricket? No…No.

Stress Awareness month

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Yes, this is the IPL Twenty/20 cricket season; however we are not talking about IPL cricket.

So, what is this all about? This is about few ways you can de-stress yourself in 20 minutes. In fact, watching IPL Twenty/20 cricket is likely to increase your stress most of the time!!

De-stress your Gastrointestinal (stomach and intestine) system

Eat your meal by chewing for 20 minutes. Chewing provides the minimum time necessary for the brain to activate the "satiety impulse". Research says that the more you are stressed the more you tend to gulp. Gulping down your food stresses your gastro system as a whole. So, practice a 20-minute meal, cut down those extra calories, de-stress the gastrointestinal system and live a "tasteful" life.

De-stress your Musculoskeletal (muscles and skeleton) system

Do not stare at a LCD screen for more than 20 minutes. It includes computer, television or a game station. Follow this rule: 20 minute work----take your eyes off to focus a 20-feet away object to destress the tired eyes---walk 20 paces to de-stress your musculoskeletal system and live a "flexible" life.

Oh my, I have already been at my computer for 20 minutes now; it's time for my break!!

A Stress reliever?

The rain's lullaby ...

The rain is falling
drip, drop, drip, drop
crashing on the earth
clash, crash, clash, crash
hitting my window pane
click, clack, click, clack
lullabies in the ear
ring, ring, ring, ring
made me asleep