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story - part 2

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from part 1 March Spring issue

That is when it dawned on him! What he experienced was a severe earthquake followed by a tsunami which probably Max has sensed ahead. This may be the reason why it might have been barking and whining for the past 30 minutes. He has read in his text books that animals can foresee such natural disasters but he never thought that his pet is going to save him from a big natural disaster. Now he could also relate to the earthworms and the snakes he saw on the top of the hill. Probably the earthworms and snakes would have known about the earthquake. He could not stop feeling proud and thankful towards Max! All the trouble he went through to take care of Max was priceless! He picked up Max and hugged him so tightly that it started whining while wagging its tail!

While he was hugging he suddenly remembered about his dad and his mother, sister and her adorable baby at the hospital. His mind panicked. What happened to them? Did they escape? Did the buildings survive?

Rene left Max on its feet and said, “Let us run back to town!” Both of them started running towards the town. He could not stop the question cropping in his mind as why humans are not empowered to sense a natural disaster like animals or pets ? If humans were bestowed with that sixth sense, they can always protect themselves and their loved ones from losing each other. As he was running, he was praying to all the gods he know to help his family and his town residents.

Continued ...

Rene and Max were hearing loud screams and cries as they were approaching closer to the town. The marketplace which they crossed 30 minutes back was full of rubbles. There were people wailing and calling out loud for their loved ones among the rubbles. There were kids sobbing and searching for their parents. Rene felt angry, sad and emotional in looking at the disaster the earthquake has created. He was about to cry himself. He increased his pace to reach his house sooner which was just 2 blocks away.

As he arrived at his home, he could not believe what has happened to his house. The house where his family lived for 25 years has become rubbles. But, what happened to his Dad who was at home when he left? Tears rolled down his eyes without his control. Suddenly his mind became numb. All the cries, screams and wails around him stopped. His mind was all about his Dad. But he did not know how to start or where to start? The place was full of rubbles.

The last Rene could remember was his dad waking him up to take Max for a walk. He immediately sprung into action to start looking from the living room closer to his bed room. He climbed over the rubbles to reach the living room location. Max too followed Rene. The roof parts such as rafter, ridges and roof top were covering the area. He started moving some of these materials to see whether he can create an opening to peep through. Not much luck at the location he chose. He moved to another spot and did the same. Max suddenly went down the rubble and started barking from the bottom.

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We are not April fooling you ...

Q: What doesn't get any wetter, no matter how much rain falls on it?
A: Water

* The characters, settings and happenings are fiction only.