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Cherrapunjee: the rain capital of the world!

Many people know that Cherrapunjee in India is the wettest place on the earth. Cherrapunjee holds 2 guiness records for rainfall. One is for receiving the most amount of rainfall in a single year. The record is 909.9 inches (22,987 mm) of rainfall recorded between August 1860 to July 1861. The second is for receiving the maximium amount of rainfall in a single month. The record is 366.14 inches (9300 mm) of rainfall recorded in July 1861.

But how much do you really know about Cherrapunjee? Take the following quiz and test yourself.

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When, during a day, does it rain the most in Cherrapunjee?
  1. during Morning
  2. during Evening
  3. during Night
  4. All the time
Which months of the year does it rain the least?
  1. June,July,August
  2. March,April,May
  3. September,October,November
  4. December, January,February
How do people in Cherrapunjee get their drinking water?
  1. The people collect the rain to use it as their drinking water
  2. The people get their drinking water from the local water treatment plant
  3. The people trek for miles to get their drinking water
  4. The people get their drinking water from the local wells
How do the people cross the streams in Cherrapunjee?
  1. using wood bridges
  2. using boats
  3. by swimming/wading
  4. using tree root bridges
What happens in Khasi's (Cherrapunjee's) culture when a bride gets married?
  1. The bride comes to groom's house
  2. The groom comes to the bride's house
  3. They both stay in their own house
  4. None of the above