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FIFA World Cup Soccer
Interesting Factoids

  • Every FIFA world cup since 1970 had a name for its ball. This year the ball’s name is “Jabulani”. Jabulani means “To Celebrate”. (A replica ball costs $25)

  • The first world cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. The number of spectators was 300. The last world cup was held in Germany. The number of spectators who watched the 2006 final in Germany was 715.1 million!

  • Out of 18 world cup championships Europe and South America have each won 9. The remaining continents such as North America, Asia, Africa or Australia have never won a world cup so far. Hope the trend breaks this year!

  • This is the first time in 80 years a world cup championship is hosted in an African continent.

  • On a 202 FIFA/Coco-Cola ranking scale, USA is placed at 14th rank while India is placed at 133rd rank. Of course, Brazil is #1.

  • Chile was banned from World cup qualifier in 1994 because a Chile goal keeper (Roberto Rojas) fell with a head injury during a World cup qualifier game in 1990 and the match had to be abandoned. It was a game with Brazil and the team was trailing by 1-0. A defeat in that game would have eliminated Chile from participating in the 1994 world cup. At around 67th minute Roberto fell on to ground when a firework thrown by a Brazilian fan was smoldering near him. Everyone thought the firework hurt Roberto, however, later analysis of the video footage showed that the firework never struck him and he was faking an injury.

  • India pulled away from the 1950 World Cup because the players were not allowed to play without shoes.

  • Soccer is the national game for countries like Russia, Brazil and France.

  • 200 teams participate to qualify for the 31 World Cup spots. A host team is automatically qualified to participate. Lucky South Africa, which is ranked 83 on the list but has an opporunity to participates in this edition of the World cup matches.

  • The name of the South African team is ‘Bafana Bafana’. In isiZulu, it means ‘the boys, the boys’.