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Missing ...
Short story - part 2

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Last scene from part 1

"Phil, are you there?", Mrs.Jones voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Yes, Mrs.Jones", Phil said

"Do you know where Mark might have gone?", asked Mrs.Jones

Phil responded, "I am not sure but I did find a car leaving your front yard last night. I will come to your home with my parents in few minutes." and disconnected the phone.

After few minutes, Phil and his family were in Mark's living room trying to cheer up Mark's parents when the phone rang. Mark's mom rushed and picked up the phone.

A rough and raspy voice on the other side of the phone said,” We have your son as a hostage. We will return him unharmed if you pay us $1,000,000” and the phone went dead. Mark's mom stared in utter horror. The whole room was silent. Mark's dad did a little prayer and said, “May god be with us.”

Continued ...

Phil went back to his house in a trance. How could anybody do this to Mark? Why would anybody do this to Mark? He needed help to find mark. Phil thought it would be a good idea to see Mrs. Adams.

He walked around the block to Mrs. Adams house. When Phil rang the doorbell there was no answer. "Maybe I will come tomorrow", Phil thought.

He went back home. His parents were at the dinner table.

Phil’s mom said, “I’m sorry about Mark, Phil. Tomorrow we are going with Mrs. and Mr. Jones to the police station. Do you want to come with us?”

“Sure” said Phil.

Phil couldn’t sleep that night. The next morning, Phil sat in the back of the Jones’ Lexus and was looking out the window as the other cars were speeding down the highway. The Lexus slowed down to a halt at the red light. Phil was looking at the car right next to them. When he looked at the license plate and he was shocked. The license plate was 34TUA.

“Look” screamed Phil. At that moment the traffic light became green again and the cars started moving.

"What?" asked Phil's Mom.

As he did not want to create any confusion, he said, “Nothing”.

They finally arrived at the police station. Mrs. Jones went inside while everyone stayed outside. Mrs. Jones came out after 30 minutes and said that the police will engage the SWAT team and they will investigate the case. They all drove home in silence.

Once reaching home, Phil went back to Mrs. Adams house again and rang the doorbell. No answer. Then his eye caught something; there was a car in the driveway and its license plate was 34TUA. At that same moment his phone rang and it was from his parents.

"Hello", said Phil

"Phil, Jones' have got evidence of Mark's kidnapper on the camera.", his mom said with excitement.

As Phil was about to leave Mrs. Adams house his eyes darted up and saw a blurry face in one of the house’s open windows. The shades abruptly went down.

Phil could not believe himself. The blurry face on the window looked like Mark. Was he dreaming?

[To be continued]

Recession Vs Depression ...

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job;
it's a depression when you lose yours.
- Harry S. Truman

* The characters, settings and happenings are fiction only.