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2010 Tamil Song picks: Recommeded top picks - Jul to Dec
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You would have read our recommended tamil song picks from Jan 2010 to Jun 2010 in our July issue and hence we are not repeating it in this issue. You can find our Jan 2010-Jun 2010 recommendation here. In this issue we have picked additional albums/songs released between Jul 2010 to Dec 2010.

Interestingly there were more good music albums released between Jul 2010 to Dec 2010 than Jan 2010 to Jun 2010. There is certainly a tough competition among the albums to reach the listeners and that is a healthy sign for the industry and a treat for the listeners.Here is our recommendation among the 14 albumns we evaluated and ordered. Feel free to rank yourself and enjoy !

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Album: Nandalala
1. Onnukonnu Thunai irukkum ...
2. Thaalattu Ketka Naanum ...
3. Kai Veesi Natakira Kattre

Due to various reasons this movie struggled to reach the market, but when it reached it got rave reviews. Illayaraja stirs your soul in this album with melodious numbers. Lyrics are very meaningful -

Onnukonnu thunai irukkum intha ulagathiley, anbu onru thaan anathaiyaa.
[In this world of social network, is love is the only orphan]

Onnukonnu Thunai irukkum and Thalattu Ketka Naanum songs are a must listen.

Album: Boss Engira Baskaran
1. Yaar intha penthaan...
2. Ayile, Ayile ...
3. Ada Boss Boss ...


Yuvan had a great year. All his albums (Paiyaa, Goa, Thillalangadi) sounded well, different and had been topping charts all through the year.

The song Yaar intha penthaan .. from this album has become a big hit among the young and old. Listen to it, you will like it!


Album: Naan Mahan Alla
1. Vaa Vaa Nilava ...
2. Iragai polle ...

This is another Yuvan's album which is filling the FM radio waves in India! Nice lyric for vaa, vaa nilav pudichu tharava especially vaa vaa kattalam anbal padi kattu - watch and listen!

Album: Mandira Punnagai
1. Enna Kuraiyo ...
2. Satta Sada Sada ...

Composed by Vidyasagar the songs are very different from the commercial tunes especially Enna Kuraiyo. Listen to the link!


Album: Endhiran
1. Irumbile Oru Irudhayam ...
2. Kilimanjaro ...
3. Kadhal anukkal ...

The most anticipated (and much hyped) movie for this year! AR Rahman did not disappoint his fans - all the songs sounded different and topped iTunes list for the most downloads. Good introduction for Kargi (Vairamuthu's son) into the lyricist world! Irumbile Oru Irudhayam .. sounds better among the other songs in the album.

Despite all the accoloades the songs feel stale after few rounds of listening :-(

Album: Mynaa
Song: Mynaa, Mynaa Nenjukkule ...

This song which is folk based but orchestrated with modern instruments is a great hit. Kudos to D.Iman and Prabhu Solomon for good music and nice picturization. In one of the interview Iman was mentioning that Prabhu named the movie title as Mynaa after he composed the tune for this song with Mynaa word.

Album: Chikku Bukku
1. Thooral Ninralum, Saaral Ninralum ...
2. Smile ...
3. Zara, Zara ...

Hariharan along with Leslie Lewis under the name "Colonial Cousins" debuts as a music director. The album has fresh and new genre of songs- Smile, Zara Zara, Thooral Ninralum. Listen to Thooral Ninralum!

Album: Easen
Song: Meiyana Inbam ...

Another anticipated movie in this year from the hot director/actor/producer Sasikumar (Subramaniapuram, Pasanga, Nadodigal fame). Music is by James Vasanthan who came into prominence in Subramaniapuram. This song is well orchestrated but strange rendering. You will start liking the song after few rounds of listening!

Album: Uthamaputhiran
Song (s):
1. Ulagam Unakku ...
2. Usuma Larise ...

A typical Vijay Antony's album. Even though media is picking up Usuma Larise, Ulagam Unakku ... is better than Usuma Larise! Good lyrics by Annamalai.

Album: Moscowin Kaveri
Song (s):
1. Adhikalai pookal ...

This is an old album composed by SS Thaman but was released recently. This song written by Vairamuthu is a funny one.

It goes as "pidikkum .." to realize to be "iru duruvam .." but it ends interestingly.

Kudos to lyricist, a story plot within a song. Listen.



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