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Looking back at 2010: Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II?

It is not uncommon for friends to wish each other a happy birthday on a wrong date, but can you image a state (country) wishing the premiere of another country on a wrong day? It is true. This year US sent a birthday wish to Queen Elizabeth II on a wrong day - a week earlier to her birthday! Hope the calendar is corrected for 2011.

Reader's feedback on Nov Hello Issue

  • The theme was very relevant when I read the Editor's desk.
  • "Say Hello to the world" made me learn few new way of saying Hello. Thanks.
  • "Cellphone and Cancer" and "Children and Cellphones" were very informative.
  • Very nice English song picks for the "Hello" theme.
  • Initially thought "Tale of Telephone" was a story but okay it was informative.
  • All the picks in the "Seriously Funny" section were really good. Especially I liked the video!
  • The thought "Say Hello to your friends" in the "Surfboard" section was an appropriate one!
  • Hello theme Tamil song picks were okay.
  • The poem "Hello Solluvom.." was a good one.
  • The video "Phone Etiquette" on the "Readers feedback" page was funny
  • Wow! What a style in future phones. Can't wait to get it.

Looking back at 2010: First 200 runs in one day cricket: Who else, Tendulkar. Watch the Video

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