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2010 Words of the year !

Test your 2010 vocabulary !


Every year, new words get invented due to necessity or improper usage. Similarly old words get a new popularity due to its appropriateness for a situation or due to its overuse in media. Dictionary institutions, lexicographers and language enthusiasts analyse such new words and old words and publish the most commonly used vocabularies and phrases from that year.

Here is an opportunity for you to test and learn some of the popular 2010 words.

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This word which was incorrectly used to mean "reject" was picked by the Oxford American Dictionary as the 2010 word of the year!

a. refute
b. repudiate
c. refudiate
d. jettison

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This word was invented in this year and is now used to refer to the TV episodes that can be watched over the internet.

a. youtube
b. webisodes
c. zulu
d. webcast

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Not a new word but an old word which has became popular among children and adults to mean a "delicious" food.

a. yum-yum
b. ware-wah
c. nom-nom
d. scrum-scrum

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These following words has nothing do with violence but were three of the most discussed words in 2010.

a. stop kill
b. top kill
c. static kill
d. bottom kill

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You can forward a information to your friends network using the "Forward" button in an email application. But this word which means "forward a small message" has become popular this year.

a. forward-sm
b. fsm (forward small message)
c. tweet
d. retweet

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This word was voted as the most annoying word of 2010 during a Marist University survey. Interestingly this word holds the honor for being the most annoying word of 2009 too!

a. like
b. whatever
c. actually
d. To tell you the truth
e. You know what I mean

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This word which means an enforced or extreme economy was the most searched Merriam-Webster's dictionary word.

a. austerity
b. severe
c. harsh
d. stringent

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