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2010 Recommended Tamil Movie picks: Jul 2010 - Dec 2010

You would have read our recommended tamil movie picks from Jan 2010 to Jun 2010 in our July issue and hence we are not repeating those recommendations in this issue. You can find our Jan 2010-Jun 2010 recommendation here. In this issue we have picked additional movies released between Jul 2010 to Dec 2010.

If you were looking for few movies to kill your boredome, we have our recommendations. Closer to 28 movies were released in the first half of 2010. Here are our 4 recommendations with few comments on others.

Movie Artists Why picked?
Movie : Mynaa
Artists : Director Prabhu Solomon, Music Director D.Imman, with Vidharth and Amla Paul
Rating : Excellent, if you like realistic movie genres
Best movie among the movies released in second half of 2010. The movie gets into the story in the first shot and takes you into the life of a rough, illiterate Surili and Mynaa. The director took 2 year to complete the movie - 6 months to pick his location, 8 months to cast, 1 month to rehearse and took the whole movie with less equipments as he could not carry to the location. The movie falls under "realistic" genre and does not have the feel good elements. But the movie has stunning visuals and is pleasant to watch. So stay away if you do not like such movies.

Movie: Robot - Enthiran
Artists: Shankar, AR Rahman, Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai
Comment: Okay. Did not live up to the hype it generated.

The most hyped, big budget movie for this year. Report claim that the production house spent 162 crores but the movie has garnered 250 crores so far. The story and screenplay is very predictable and it is not surprising that many writers are sueing the production house. The highlight of the movie is the stunning graphics for the last 20 minutes. But how did the Robot got the necessary material to clone itself as an army? Also the mosquito humor is low grade to the movie's quality. You can watch.

Movie: Uthamaputhiran
Artists : Director Mithran Jawahar, Vijay Antony, Dhanush & Genelia ...
Comment: Need remote by your side. Vivek's comedy is hilarious.

The movie which is a remake of a telugu movie created lot of controversy due to communal comments. If you can ignore that and start your movie closer to intermission - it is a cracker! Vivek and the crew will make you laugh till the end of the movie. First half is little drag so you need your remote by your side.

Movie: Boss Engira Baskaran
Artists : Director Rajesh, Yuvan Shankar Raja with Arya, Nayanthara and Santhanam Comment: Need remote by your side. Santhanam's comedy is hilarious.

Second movie from the Siva Manasula Sakthi director along with Yuvan. Nothing extra-ordinary but can help you fill your time when you are bored. A light hearted humorous entertainer. The wit "Nanbaenda" is going to stay around so get used to this!
Movie: Other 2010 Notables
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