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Tamil Songs praising 5 energy forms (Panchabhootha- Land, Air, Water, Sky, Fire - theme) in their lyrics
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Our best 10 picks among the 18 songs we analyzed. A mix of new and old - Enjoy !
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Album: Thiruda, Thiruda
Song: Putham Puthu Bhoomi Vendum ...

Putham puthu bhoomi vendum
Nitham oru vaanam vendum
Thanga malai peyya vendum
Tamilil kuyil paada vendum ...

Vairamuthu's lyric - wishing for a new earth, new sky, a rain of gold - in AR Rahman's music. If we start having gold rain then the gold shares will crash across stock exchanges :-)

Album: Chinna Thambi
Song: Povoma Oorkolam ...

Povoma Oorkolam
Bhoologam engengum ..

Nice imagination - wishing to go around the earth as a carnival. A chartbuster song in Illayaraja's music. Lyric by Gangai Amaran and sung by SPB and Swarnalatha.

Album: Samurai
Song: Moongil Kaadugaley ...

Vairamuthu again, wishes to see the world as a bird - composed by Harris Jeyaraj, sung by Hariharan and Tippu. Nice visuals.

Iyarkai thaayin madiyil pirandhu
Eppadi vaazha idhayam tholainthu
Salithu poanaen manithanaay irundhu
Parakka vaendum paravayaay
thirindhu thirundhu parandhu

Jananam maranam ariyaa vannam
Naanum mazhaithuli aahaeno

Album: Rhythm
Song: Nadhiye, Nadhiye ...

First, a stunning visual. Second a nice tribute to rivers

Nadanthal Aaru
Ezhunthal aruvi
Ninral kadallalo

- when a water walks it is a river, when it rises it is a fall, when it stands it is a ocean :-). Vairamuthu along with AR Rahman. Voice rendered by Unni Menon.


Album: Paasam
Song: Ulagam piranthathu enakkaga ...

Ulagam piranthathu enakkaga,
Odum nathikalum enakkaga,
malarkal malarvathaum enakkaga,

A nice way to feel possessive about the earth, rivers and forest. It may help prevent de-forestation and pollution of rivers and atmosphere. Kannadasan's lyric in Viswanathan Ramamoorthy's composition. Sung by TM Soudararajan (TMS).

Album: Mozhi
Song: Kaatrin Mozhi ...

Iyarkeyin Mozhigal Purinthu Vidu
Manitharin Mozhigal Thevai-Illai
Ithaiyathin Mozhigal Purinthu Vidu
Manitharikku Mozhiye Thevai-Illaiiiiiii

Is it true? A human language is not required if we learn to understand nature's language and heart's language? Nice thought. Vairamuthu with Vidyasagar;Sung by Balram.

Album: Kanden Kathalai
Song: Kaatru pudhidhai veesa kanden ...

Have you ever felt this way? - the wind blowing in a different way, having 4 legs ;-), having the world in your palm? Interesting lyrics by Yugabharathi for Vidyasagar's composition - Sung by Rahul Nambiar.

"Kaatru pudhdhai maara kanden
.... ....
Kaalgal naangai mara kanden
Ullam kaiyil Ulagam kanden
.... ...
Enai naan kanden"

Album: Vaaname Ellai
Song: Sogum ini illai ...

"Ulaginai Vittru Nilavu Logam Vaangalaam
Nilavinai Vittru Pudhiya Vaanam Vaangalaam
Kavalaiyai Vittru Kavidhai Noolgal Vaangalaam
Kavidhaiyai Vittru Kanavu Konjam Vaangalaam"

How do you like this idea?

"Buy the moon by selling the earth,
Buy a new sky by selling the moon,

Buy a poetry book by selling the worries,
Buy a dream by selling a poem"

Vairamuthu in Maragathamani's composition. Sung by SP Balasubramaniam (SPB).

Album: Manithan
Song: Vaanathai parthen Bhoomiya parthen ...

"vaanatha paarthen
bhoomiya paarthen
manushana innum
paarkalaye ... "

An anguish about quality of humans by comparing with sky and earth. Chandrabose's composition for Vairamuth's lyric. Sung by SPB.

Album: Bharathi
Song: Agni kunjonru ...

Classic Bharthiar's poem composed by Ilayaraja and sung by KJ Jesudoss.



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