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Saving Energy: How savvy you are?

Test your Energy IQ

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One of the major expenditure for a family or a corporation is energy. This includes heat, fuel, electricity and water.

There are two ways energy can be saved:

One is by conserving, where you can change your behavior to gain savings. For example, switching off the lights when you leave a room or closing the tap when you are brushing or taking short showers instead of long bath.

Another is by looking for efficiency, where you can buy an energy efficient equipment or appliance or vehicle such as an energy star rated or appropriately rated appliance or hybrid fuel vehicles.

Now, take the quiz to identify how much you are energy savvy to save your $$$ or equivalent currencies.

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Order the following household items in the ascending order of energy consumption. [Electric Energy]

a. Television
b. Microwave Oven
c. Home computer
d. Aquarium/Terrarium


Which refrigerator models are considered to be more efficient? [Appliance]

a. Top freezer models
b. Side freezer models
c. Bottom freezer models
d. Any freezer models with water and ice dispensers.

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On Laundry, hot water setting helps to clean the clothes better and crisper than a cold water or warm water setting.

a. True
b. False

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Which of the following travel choices consumes less energy?

a. Several short trips with some time to cool the engine.
b. Several short trips with no time to cool the engine.
c. Combine all the trips into one.
d. Combine all the trips into one with time to cool the engine.


How much water can you can per minute by turning off the tap while brushing?

a. Upto 0.25 gallons
b. Upto 0.50 gallons
c. Upto 1.0 gallons
d. Upto 2.0 gallons

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Which countries/continents are expected to increase by 118% in their energy consumption by 2035?

a. US and UK
b. China and India
c. Central America, South America and Africa
d. Russia and other former Soviet Republics

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Can you recognize the following standards and match with its corresponding appliances (Furnaces, Hot water heaters, Air conditioners) or home units (Windows, Home insulation, Plumbing units(toilets, showers,faucets)?

a. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)
b. FHR (First Hour Rating)
c. U-Value
d. R-Value
e. AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)
f. WaterSense