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Ways to boost your energy

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We do hope each one of you have made true attempts at training the mind and body in a positive way through the month. Now it is time to talk about “Energy” and ways to brim with energy.

What is Energy?

The word “Energy” is derived from Greek “energeia” meaning activity/operation.
In simple words, Energy is the capacity of a system to do work. Our energy basically is measured as calories that come from the food we eat, mainly proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Energy and Productivity

Just as every individual has a different overall energy level, each individual has different energy levels at different parts of the day. The “up” period when our brain is “on” and able to focus well is our “productive” period, and we take lesser time to finish any task. Whereas during the “down” period brain is “off” and we are out of focus and find it quite difficult to muddle through our work.

It is wise to identify the “up” period to take critical decisions, complex problem solving, etc. One may identify that there are more than one “up” period in a day and plan the work accordingly.

Generally, professionally, it has been found that mornings are the time when our natural energy cycle is “on” and it is best not to waste this time on e-mail checks or meetings except it involves something brainstorming or planning of some strategy.

Body requires Energy

We need energy even for involuntary activities of breathing, working of heart, tongue movement, movement of muscles, blinking of eyes etc. Even when we sleep body does plenty of things to use our energy.

Ways to maximize our Energy

* Take a power breakfast with fruits, juices, plenty of vitamins and minerals; they do wonders to “kick-start” the body metabolism.
* Eat several small meals a day to keep the metabolism going.
* Cut down on caffeine, fast foods; eat healthy.
* Say no to sugars and high-carbs.
* A 10-minute quick walk helps to rejuvenate a sluggish metabolism. Blood is pumped into each wary cell of the body.
* Yoga, stretching, deep breathing also energize us within minutes.
* Water preserves our vital energies. So, be hydrated to drive tiredness.

Body Recharge

Our body sends out signals of fatigue, sleepiness or tiredness when the battery is going down. Hunger and thirst are not stomach-related as one may think, but of the head, regulated by a complex system of chemicals that send signals between the brain and body. IF the signals are not acknowledged timely, then we may end-up in a headache or exhaustion that may ruin our next productive cycle.

Health Supplements

For an average-looking man and woman the calories required per day are 2200 and 1800 respectively, however, depending on the nature of occupation there may be an excess requirement. Our body happens to use only 33% of potential energy from foods. So, sometimes for the body’s proper metabolism and food absorption, health supplements like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics etc are medically advised.

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Disclaimer: The above content is provided for information and awareness purpose only. It is not prescriptive or suggestive or meant to replaces your qualified physician's advice or consultation.