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A Prosperous Kingdom ...
short story


Once upon a time there was a king who was ruling a kingdom with prosperity and peace. He was so proud of himself of what he could accomplish. He was not a believer in war and hence spent most of his time building a defensive army unlike other kings who were venturing to conquer new kingdom.

One day he decided to dress up like a common man and wanted to find the feelings of the people by himself.

When he went around the kingdom he was very disturbed by what he saw. He found that most of his wards were squandering away their time by sleeping, chatting or playing.

He stopped by few of his wards and asked, ”How come you are all not working?”

The people replied, ”Oh, our king loves peace and has built us a prosperous kingdom. We have everything what we need and we do not have to work for anything.“

The king was extremely worried with his wards behavior. He got extremely confused. He created peace to help his wards to focus on constructive activities however it appeared to be breeding satisfaction and laziness.

He returned to his palace and kept thinking about the happenings. He did not want to change his approach and start waging war to keep everyone occupied. At the same time, he wanted his wards to be motivated and be useful to the kingdom and stop wasting their skills and time. The next day he summoned his best minister and spoke to him about his findings and sought his advice to solve this issue. The minister said, “Do not worry, my lord. Give me a week and I will take care of the situation for you”.

Not fully knowing what the minister is upto ,the king waited with anxiety for a week. The next day after a week was over he dressed up again like a common man and went around his kingdom. This time he was surprised to find that every one was busy digging the ground at various points along the travel path.

The king stopped again near some of his wards and asked, “What are you all doing so busily?”

The people replied, “Oh, we came to know that our king has hidden pots of gold all along the kingdom’s path and we are digging to get it.”

With surprise and happiness on his face the king asked, “Who said this and how do you know that the pot is hidden here?”

One of wards came forward with a sketch and explained to the king, “Here is the sketch released by our ministry. The points identified with “x” are the locations where the pots are hidden.”

The king could recognize the sketch as it was his suggestion to dig wells along the travel path to help the travelers relax and take rest. The wells were chosen nearer to dense trees so that the travelers can find space to sleep too. The King was extremely pleased to see what his minister has done. The minister had picked up one of the welfare project and turned it into a curious treasure-hunt game. As he rode back to his palace, he could not agree more with his minister that the cure for boredom is curiosity.

[The End]

The Golden Rules for Life ...

"Time is like river.
You can't touch the same water twice,
because the flow that has passed
will never pass again.
Enjoy every moment of life. ”

* The characters, settings and happenings are fiction only.