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Recommended Tamil Song picks: Jan 2010 - Jun 2010

If you were looking for few best songs for your MP3 player, we have our recommendations. Try listening to our picks and send us your picks!

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Album: Paiya
1. Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyai ..
2. Poongatre Poongatre ..
3. Adada mazhaida, Adamazhaida
4. En Kathal Solla ..
5. Yedho Ondru Ennai ..

Best album for this year so far. The album has 5 songs and all 5 are golden hits. The movie and the songs were picturized well by Lingusamy. No wonder it is a box office hit. Don't miss to listen.

Album: Raavanan
1. Veera, Veera ...
2. Usire Poguthe ..

A R Rahman did not disappoint his fans. Not sure whether all the songs will impress you however the "Veera, Veera" and "Usire poguthe" song will surely impress you. It is a shame that Maniratnam has used the Veera song for title credits however Usire Poguthe has stunning cinemetography.

Album: Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya
1. Hosana ...
2. O Mana Penne ...
3. Anbil Avan ..
4. Mannipaya

A R Rahman's first Tamil album after his bunch of international awards. Interesting tunes. 4 out of 6 will impress you. {Click on the You Tube link if there is a copyright restriction for viewing the video from your location}

Album: Singam
1. Oru varthai mozhiyale .. she stole my heart ...
2. Naane Indhiran ..
3. Kaadhal Vandhale ...

If you feel any resemblence of "she stole my heart" to Kutty's "feel my love" do not fret. Both the songs are composed by Devi Sri prasad. Nice to listen. Forgive Surya for the dance in the video :( {Click on the You Tube link if there is a copyright restriction for viewing the video from your location}

Album: Goa
1. Idhu Varai ...
2. Vaaliba Vaa Vaa ...

Excellent music composition by Yuvan in Idhu Varai. Very melodious to listen. Vaaliba Vaa Vaa is sung by Ilayaraja, SPB, Chitra to get an old combination. Nice hum in that song. It is a shame that the picturization of the songs were poor - Not to mention the movie's theme which is inappropriate for the Tamil audience. {Click on the You Tube link if there is a copyright restriction for viewing the video from your location}

Album: Baana Kathadi
1. Thakkuthe Kan thakkuthe ...
2. Paithiyam Pidikkuthu

"Thakkuthe Kan thakkuthe" is another new tune by Yuvan. Very nice!

Album: Angadi Theru
Song: Aval Appadi Onrum Azhagillai ...
Interesting lyric with varying tempos. Recommended for listening! Is this G V Prakash or Vijay Antony?

Album: Goripalayam
Song: Enna Intha Mattramo ...
You will be impressed with this melody. Composed by Sabesh Murali.

Album: Bale Pandya
Song: Happy ...
Interesting music by Devan Ekambaram. Lyric by Vaali.

Album: Sura
Song: Thanjavur Jillakari ...
Not a great movie for Vijay's 50th venture. However, this song is nice to hear.

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