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Boredom and Anti-boredom

Test your Unscrambling Skills !

How many times you have said or have heard some one saying "It is boring ...".

Boredom is the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. The following scrambled words are associated with boredom and anti-boredom.

Try Unscambling the boredome and Anti-boredom related words. Good Luck!

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You do this when you are bored. What is this?

n w y a

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Boring teacher's biggest problem.

g i z n o d students

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A small dose of this can be a good medicine to refresh one's bored mind.

p n a

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Some one who can study into your dreams are known by this name

t n a u o e n i o r


These parks are intended to relieve you from your boredom

m e a u m s e t n

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"--------- dispels boredom. Run, you sufferers from ennui! Run for your lives!" - Mason Cooley.

Unscramble the following word to fill up the blank.

r d a e n i a l n

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You require a great amount of this in life to start appreciating nonsense.

t n i e s e r t

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