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News you might have missed !

Here is a round up of news which you might have missed reading last year. Very interesting!


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First Bio-bus fueled by human sewage

Now, this could be a driver for under-developed regions to build restrooms (toilets). UK commissioned the first bio-bus between Bath and Bristol airport completely fueled by human and food waste (bio-methane). The bus carries 40 passenger and can travel upto 180 miles with a full tank. A tank of gas can be generated from the annual waste of 5 people - so magine a metropolitan city with millions of people! Additionally, such ideas can help in preventing the human sewage mixing with ground water, lakes, creeks, rivers and oceans.

The credit goes to Bristol sewage treatment works, which is run by GENeco, a subsidiary of Wessex Water.

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How about a Black Burger for your lunch?

Last year, Japan's Burger King created a media sensation by introducing all-black hamburger named Kuro Diamond. The sandwich was made with black bun, black cheese, squid-ink powered onion garlic sauce. McDonald did not stay back and introduced their own black versions of sandwiches. The consumers had a mixed reaction to its look and taste. So far there are no news that it has moved beyond Japan's boundaries but don't be shocked if you find this in your local Burger King or McDonald's menu.

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A mysterious 260-foot crater in Siberia

Geologist are puzzled by a mysterious 260-foot crater in Yamal Peninsula, Siberia. Yamal which also means 'end of the world' has attracted enough attention due to this new crater. So far, no one has the right explanation for how this has formed. There are various theories from meteor impact to volcanic eruption. However, 2 theories take more root than others. One is an explanation from New South Wales University professor Chris Fogwill who attributes this to a phenomenon known as 'Collapsed Pingo' or 'Hydrolaccolith'. Pingo is a block of ice grown as hill before the frozen ground. When Pingo's get exposed to the sun light it quickly melts forming a big crator. However, Scientist Anna Kurchatova of Russia's Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Center believes that it is due to an underground explosion caused by a mixture of salt, water and underground gas. Hope it is not the sign of an apocalypse!

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Don't underestimate the power of tapeworms.

When a 50 year old chinese man got himself admitted to an UK hospital complaining of headaches, seizures, altered sense of smells and memory flashes, the doctors were stumped as they could not associate his symptoms to anything known. Though his brain showed a inflammation it did not had a tumor. The doctors kept tracking him for the next four year only to see the lesion moving from one part of the brain to another. Finally, when they performed an autopsy they were shocked to pull out an 1cm long wading tapeworm from his brain. The tapeworm which might have entered his head was living comfortably within his brain all through the years. This tapeworm which is known to infect cats, frogs and dogs has entered the patients brain and was living comfortably for multiple years. Another reason for anyone to be careful of these smaller worms!


Wear a dress for your self defense!

Wearables like smart watch, fit-bits are gaining grounds in our daily life. Dutch Designer/Engineer Anouk Wipprecht went a step above to design a dress which can help you defend youself if any one invades your personal space. This dress which was in the works all through last year was showcased in this year's CES show.


Hope you found it interesting!