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Four world events which still remains a mystery ..

The recent disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines MH370 has gripped the entire world. It is a very emotional moment for those involved and our thoughts and prayers go towards the family members of the 239 passengers and crew members.

This is not the first world event which has ended without answers. Listed below are four historical events which has no answers till this date.

Hope MH370 mystery is resolved soon and does not get added to the list of unresolved mysteries.


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The Last Flight of Amelia Earhart

In 1937, American pilot Amelia Earhart decided to fly across the
world. With 7000 miles left of the Pacific Ocean, she left
Lae, New Guinea and headed to Howland Island (in Pacific). But she never arrived at the island. The US Coast guard cutter Itasca, sailing off Howland Island, picked up a last transmission: "We must be on you but cannot see you ... gas is running low." A huge,but unsuccessful search left the mystery unsolved. Till this date neither the wreckage nor remains have ever been located.

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Flight 92

On December 5th 1945, 5 bombers left the U.S NAval Air station in
Fort Lauderdale. All planes had qualified pilots. Two hours in,
the station received a message from the plane, saying the compass was going in wrong directions and they did not know where they were. After that contact, Flight 19 was never heard again. It was one of the many victims of the Bermuda triangle. Bermuda Triangle is an area of sudden storms where compasses give false readings. It is possible that Flight 19, lost track and ran out of fuel before reaching to safety. The other victims of Bermuda triangle are: USS Cyclops (coal ship), Marine Sulphur Queen (cargo ship), British South American Airways' Star Tiger, Star Ariel and a Douglas DC3 plane.

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Orient 727's Vanishing Passenger

In 1971, a man called D.B Cooper hijacked an North West Orient 727 plane. He directed the plane to land in Seattle, Washington. He swapped all the passengers and the crew for $200,000 and 4 parachutes. He then commanded the plane to fly to Reno,Nevada at a low altitude. Suddenly a warning light appeared in the cockpit that the rear door was open. Cooper, the money and the parachutes were gone. Cooper literally jumped into a thunderstorm with winds excess of 100 mph and temperature well below zero. Due to inclement weather the authorities could not search for him right away. When searched later he was no where to be found. Nine years later, an eight year old boy uncovered $5880 of the ransom money along the banks of Columbia river, Washington. The fate of cooper remains a mystery!

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Mary Celeste and her passengers

A huge ship called the Amazon was built in Canada on 1860. The
Amazon had series of owners and every one of them met with accidents or dies in accidents. So, when a new owner bought the ship, the name was changed to "Mary Celeste". On 1872, it sailed from New York to Genoa but did not reach even after 8 days. The British ship Dei Gratia sighted a ship drifting in the Ocean without any one. They noticed it was Mary Celeste and sent a signal to respond. As, it did not respond to signals, the people aboard the Dei Gratia boarded the ship and found no one on it. The lifeboat was missing but none of the belogings were taken. It was floating as a Ghost ship. Till this day, it is unclear as what happened to the passengers in the ship.


Our thoughts and prayers go toward the victims of these unsolved mysteries !