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Tamil Songs: Best of 2013: Part 2 : Jun-Dec 2013 !
Our picks!

Our picks for the second half of this year - both well marketed ones and obscure ones ! This year can be remembered for actors trying out to be singers - Vijay, Vishal, Karthi, Sivakarthikeyan et al. It would be nice if they limit themselves to acting :-)

We have 10 video picks listed below and 15+ videos in our playlist. We have 10+ audio picks (from 20+ audio we reviewed) ! Click the "video" button to stream the 15+ videos continously. Listen to the audio picks from our Jukebox !

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    Album: Endrendum Punnagai
    Song: Vaan Engum Nee Minna ...


    One of the best hits in the second part of 2013 ...


    Song: En Fuse Pochu ...

    Beautiful songs pushed this movie to a grand opening. This one stands out with a slight husky voice of Karthik!

    Album: Irandam Ulagam
    Song: Kanimozhiye ...

    Not sure about the movie but this song is very melodic and topped the charts!

    Album: Kalyana Samayal Sadham
    Song: Mella Sirithai ...

    One of the best creative picturization of this year! Telling the whole story through facebook postings .. wow! an accurate reflection of today's digital life.

    Song:Ethirthu Nil ...

    Yuvan's 100th album ( U100) - did not disappoint. This one, Nah Nah and Hare Rama are Worth adding to your collection!

    Album:Pandia Naadu
    Song:Fy Fy Fy ...

    This song captured the imagination of many due to its novel usage of the colloquial lingo! The movie and the picturization lived up to the bill!

    Album: Varutha Padatha Vaalibar Sangam
    Song: Ootha color ribbon...

    A movie which can owe major part of its success to D.Imman. Even though the album sounded differently in the beginning, the picturization lifted the song up and there was no turning point. A box office hit !

    Album:Raja Rani
    Song: Oh baby ….

    A modern version of Mouna Ragam (old Manirathinam movie)! Owes its success to its songs as much to its screenplay!

    Album:Ananda Raagam
    Song: Thanga Meengal ...

    A lullaby from Yuan/Ram combo which stayed in the minds of the audience!

    Album: Soothu Kavvum
    Song: Kaasu, Thutthu ...

    Not sure what the composer was having in his mind, but this song has become one of the cult song of the year and will remain for many years to come!

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